Fuck with me about this and next week you get the Bieb

I don’t recall who sent me this but it ain’t too bad.

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45 Responses to Fuck with me about this and next week you get the Bieb

  1. Irish says:

    Here Kenny, some psychedelic Bluegrass:


    Give it a listen. It’ll grow on you.

  2. bikermailman says:

    I think you’ll like the good Mr. Keen. He’s an old school balladeer. Texas country, silly songs, and some time bluegrass. You’ll also find a song about my town, written by James McMurtry, Larry McMurtry of Lonesome Dove fame.

  3. Odgreen says:

    I know you don’t need my help, but anybody f♡€#$ with you on this one, me and the boys’ll come on up with our gear and after we hand everybodys @$$€$ to ’em, we’ll have us one helluva jam session! Great tune Kenny, it’s now on our list to learn.

  4. Bad_Brad says:

    The Bieb. The Bieb! I realize I’m new here but the Bieb? That seems rather mean hearted and drastic. Just sayen. Next it will be neked Miley

  5. California southpaw says:

    REK rocks.

  6. Porkzilla says:

    Robert Earl Keen, Jr. at the Son’s of Herman Hall was a great experience.

  7. wes says:

    I guess I must have missed something

    oh well

    your site, your content, I’ve always been ok with that (except for some of those nasty pics you slip in every once in a while that requires hours and hours of eye bleach and the image is still can’t be unseen)

    have a good one


    • Wirecutter says:

      I posted some Neil Young last Friday night, much to the outrage of my readers.

      • noncom says:

        These guys are some of the best musicians in the world….thanks….Neil Young, not so much….

      • Chish says:

        I saw CSNY @ the Boston Garden a billion years ago and they were incredible. Crazy old Neil is a Canadian and should be appreciative of where the bulk of his revenue comes from and quit friggin’ lecturing the USA.

        • James says:

          I loved the old Boston Garden,saw many/many shows there,Tull more times then I can count along with Bad Co./Yes/Queen/Boston(of course!)/ELO/Foreigner/J.Geils Band/Areosmith/Dead(eh,only because of hippy girlfriends!),many of these bands and others many times.I saw the final actual rock show there two nights of Page/Plant,then the new Garden.I went once,opening real rock show was,well….Page/Plant,have never been there since.I also loved the good old Cape Cod Coliseum,great place for show along with Orpeum/Music Hall ect.

          I was very lucky as me dad was well connected and thus always got me and my friends great seats to many shows,he always believed music(even stuff he personally didn’t like)was important,Thanks dad!

      • =T. Wrangler= says:

        I got nothing against Neil as a musician; his politics I can do without.
        The same goes for lots of other musicians, and actors too.
        That said, I am old enough to remember the “Golden Age of Protest” which generated some excellent music.

        Sometimes it is impossible to separate the politics from the music.

        Rather than depriving myself of music I enjoy, I try to disregard as superfluous any additional commentary the artists may provide.
        Not sure I am expressing myself clearly.

  8. orlin sellers says:

    I say, bring on the Biebs.

  9. H says:

    You’ll get no crap from me about Robert Earl Keen.

  10. AlphaDelta says:

    Really digging this weekly, Middle Finger Auditorium.

    Good stuff!

  11. Jackson says:

    Check these guys out.


  12. Jackson says:

    And don’t forget these gals

  13. =TW= says:

    Reminds me I forgot to link this:
    at my reply to the earlier scooter post.

  14. Shady says:

    Bring on the Bieb! Only kidding.

  15. James says:

    Bring the Bieb on,really do not think you have the stomach for it!I double dare ya’s!I’,m serious!

  16. Tennessee Budd says:

    Haven’t heard this one (yet), but you can’t go wrong with Robert Earl.
    I saw him at the Exit/Inn in the late 90s, and no Christmas in my house is complete without playing “Merry Christmas from the Family”.

  17. Carolina girl says:

    Stumbled on this and thought you might like this one: https://youtu.be/swX9oq6TVAU

  18. nwoldude says:

    A little levity if y’all will.

  19. Kenny the Scot says:

  20. Kenny the Scot says:

  21. Kenny the Scot says:

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