On Friday, the Army revealed that it is nixing the grenade throwing requirement, where recruits had to show that they could hurl the explosive a minimum of 25 meters, because “a large number of trainees” can’t meet the distance, even lacking the physical ability “to throw a hand grenade 20 to 25 to 30 meters.”

And this:

“What leaders have observed in general is they believe that there is too much of a sense of entitlement, questioning of lawful orders, not listening to instruction, too much of a buddy mentality with NCOs and officers and a lot of tardiness being late to formation and duties,” Frost said. “These are trends that they see as increasing that they think are part of the discipline aspect that is missing and that they would like to see in the trainees that become soldiers that come to them as their first unit of assignment.”

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  1. Bear says:

    “You failed the grenade toss?”
    “Yeah, but they said it wasn’t a big deal.”
    “Sarge! I need another foxhole.”

  2. Oswald Bastable says:

    Ever notice folks could throw a live grenade at least five meters further than a drill one?

    • First time I chuncked one I was so fuckin jacked on adrenaline I damned near tossed it the the far end of the range LOL… the D.I. was like “Try to keep it in the same zip code asshole…”

  3. 9Booger says:

    Just fucking sad

  4. 1980XLS says:

    And in related news……….

  5. Aesop says:

    The recruits who can’t make the throw are the women.

    The Army can’t say that.
    I just did.

  6. StBernardnot says:

    That’s the Army for ya! Marines throw it 100 yds. (snickers)

  7. philinpueblo says:

    I think I have mentioned before that I was in lousy shape when I went into the Army, but I qualified on hand grenades in basic training the first time I tried. What kind of pussy do you have to be to not be able to throw one the minimum distance? I mean they are about the size of a baseball and not too much heavier.

  8. philinpueblo says:

    As far as the second part of your post, yeah that’s the way young people are these days. As a private in the 1970’s, I would NEVER have considered an NCO as a buddy. When I was an NCO I would never have considered a private as a buddy. I spent vast majority of my 13-1/2 years in the Army as an NCO and generally would not socialize with anyone more than one grade above or below me – this was not arrogance, just an understanding of how things work in a military environment. As far as the commissioned officers go, I held most of them in contempt as butt-sucking careerists. There were a few who were honorable men, and I remember them with respect, but they were a distinct minority. I hope our current military, with all the wars we have been in lately, have a better class of leadership. I’m not optimistic.

    • Wirecutter says:

      I had friends that were E-5s, but we were friends before they got promoted. There were a couple E-6s that I was friends with, but we weren’t close friends. Regardless, it was Sgt So and so during duty time.

      • Blu Vaner says:

        I see you cut my reply. Too offensive?

        • Wirecutter says:

          The comment was informative but the last line was unnecessary. I’ve got enough on my hands without having to moderate internet arguments.

          • Blu Vaner says:

            Acknowledged. Not everyone is cut out for every military task. Never been in military, but I’ve been involved with the military for 36 years. I also know there are jobs in the military where the ability to throw a grenade is moot and may disqualify some very competent and talented personnel. Today’s high tech Army needs nerds.

            • Wirecutter says:

              Me and the gentleman in question were in the same battalion and he was extremely competent in his job. Him and his people were outstanding.
              But yeah, I qualified expert in grenades (which was not at all difficult to do), but I never laid eyes on a grenade after BCT.

              • bobdog says:

                Heh. Did you buy the “Grenade” rocker for your marksmanship badge in the local PX?

                Never did figure out why they called it “greande qualification”. Seemed to me like kind of a pass/fail thing all along.

            • Bacon says:

              Speaking as a nerd, I disagree with your premise Blu Vaner. Today’s high tech army needs soldiers. Nerd skills can be taught to soldiers. Of course, soldier skills can also be taught to nerds, but not nearly as easily or efficiently.

              • JeremyR says:

                Lots of us in the military were nerds. We made the commo actually communicate, kept the radar working, basically repaired all the stuff the jock mentality guys shredded. We were the ones who came up with shit that made life a living hell for the Opfor or the enemy.

  9. Coyote Hubbard says:

    I recall in basic during the grenade range instruction one poor guy that got hurt.

    During the “bunker” assault evolution Where you let the spoon fly, cook it off for a few seconds, reach around and toss it in the opening… Anyway the explosive cap was not threaded in right, and when the spoon flew, it flew. So at this point in the exercise, you turn around, lay flat with your weapon ready at the back door to pop runners from said bunker. His right thigh was right on top of this squib.

    A little pop and puff of sand and a guy yelling his ass off.

    Got a decent burn and laceration from it.

    Cant remember the guys name, but he was an idiot from Bahhst-hunn few liked, so no one cared.

    • Claypidgeon says:

      Anyone besides me let one of their live ones cook off before they threw it? Last thing we did before our live toss was the bunker assault with the cookoff, so on the live range i let the spoon fly, cook, and toss. Drill sgt tores tackled my ass because i was gonna watch it pop. Woops.

  10. Rob says:

    In the article about the grenade toss they said today’s kids didn’t grow up throwing a ball. That makes it sad on so many levels..

    I saw the movie “The Post”, that was a world that I had forgotten existed….

  11. ChuckN says:

    Maybe the Army figure that by removing the standards the problem
    of weaklings will take care of itself during training.

  12. I guess I am the minority here but I just don’t see how it matters really unless the Army changed the way it did grenade training from the time of my basic course anyway. I will never forget the actual day we were going to chuck a live grenade. They brought us up two at a time, one recruit in a bunker that faced East and one in a bunker that faced West. The line of those waiting filtered through another bunker that had a ballistic glass viewing area. This gave the recruit the only actual visual of anyone, even themselves, throwing an actual grenade. As you were hurried into one of the throwing bunkers if you weren’t a fairly large recruit the chances were your boots were not really touching the ground as a couple of drill instructors were basically carrying you because it was impossible to move fast enough for them. Some cadre specialist handed ya one of those small round grenades and the drill instructor started screaming. You really couldn’t make out what he was screaming until he pretty much reached out and began working your own fingers and limbs for you himself.

    That’s when things got really confusing. It usually took a good 10 minutes or so back in formation to put everything that happened at once into any kind of real time line.

    As near as I could tell he started screaming to throw the grenade but again in the 1/100th of a split second it took for the audio stimulus to fire to your brain stem said drill instructor had already decided you were too slow and you were going to kill everyone on post with the little round grenade. He therefore took it on himself to use your own arm as some sort of atlatl extension and throw the grenade for you while simultaneously throwing/pushing you into the mud at the bottom of the fox hole, standing on your head while twisting his foot back and forth driving your face further into the mud all the while saying you need to get down while somehow his entire upper torso was exposed as he ground more mud into your face.

    Some recruits did claim they heard a faint pop as their grenade went off. Personally I didn’t hear much of anything until I got back to the barracks and cleaned the mud out of my ears. Couldn’t tell you to this day if that grenade went even 5 foot from that bunker. I couldn’t even tell you if there was five feet worth of an opening in front of that bunker for a grenade to land in or if I even threw a real live grenade. I can tell you that mud stank though.

  13. California southpaw says:

    “And this is the proper technique for putting a flower in the end a rifle barrel.”
    Jeez, keep lowering the bar while our enemies are cultivating warriors.

  14. Oldav8r says:

    “…allows the Army to recover valuable time and resources to focus on training on other critical skills.”
    Now I’ve Never thrown a grenade. It wasn’t really a requirement for a Naval Aviator. But I would think that not getting smoked by your own grenade is a pretty critical skill.

  15. JeremyR says:

    Seriously, do we even use grenades anymore? The wing nuts have gotten so accurate that the air strike we call in eliminate the talibanner and leave the goat he was poking unharmed.

    • Bro: We used the ever-living HELL out of ’em in Iraq… Esp. In Fallujah… after the first day or two, instead of going in a room after kicking in the door, the Procedure was 1) Kick open door/shoot out lock… 2) Pull Pin 3) Cook off for a two count 4) Toss in frag 5) Earth Shattering KABOOM!!! 6) Enter room. 7) Shoot anything still squirming.

      • JeremyR says:

        Guess I needed the /sarc tag. I was a commo man, but my additional duties consisted of being the CBR specialist in the unit. I was the guy who was supposed to make the IEDs out of C-rat cans, string and grenades.

  16. Sigproshooter says:

    Yes, yes we do still use grenades ,several types of them. They are even developing new specific variants of them.

  17. warhorse says:

    we never got to use grenades in the navy. hell we barely got to shoot at all.

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