Georgia teacher identified

DALTON, Ga. – Police say a teacher is in custody after he fired a shot inside a classroom at Dalton High School.

Dalton police said a teacher, identified as 53-year-old Randal Davidson, then became barricaded inside of a classroom.

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5 Responses to Georgia teacher identified

  1. Paul Kanesky says:

    Gonna make it tougher to get legislation passed to allow armed teachers.
    Sounds like a false flag operation
    Paul in Texas

  2. John h says:

    He’s gotta b paid off to pull this. Its just to convenient.
    John h.

  3. rick says:

    This is all too convenient. The debate has included arming teachers, several states have passed laws allowing teachers to be armed. Then within a few days of all that, there is this.

    When was the last time a teacher had shot up a classroom?

  4. RWC says:

    Another failure of the system that they want to give all the power to.

    Seriously, how the F was this guy still employed. Falsely confess to murder….suicidal thoughts…..welcome to homeroom kids.–law/breaking-teacher-custody-after-shot-fired-school/Yszy9v7Z9Vy86bTp9ygdWJ/

  5. somedude says:

    taking anti depressants. well well lookie there. looks like they working just how they are suppose too, make the people even more of risk.

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