Happy Birthday, Gramps!

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  1. 我是路易斯 says:

    Just a thought for your blog, Ever think about having a theme during the week, eg:

    Muff Monday

    Titty Tuesday

    Wet T Shirt Wednesday

    Taco Thursday

    Pokie Titty Friday

    These I just came up, maybe your 1000’s of followers have other ideas.

    Wǒmen shì lùyìsī

  2. pigpen51 says:

    I know this comment is not related to the post, but I thought, what the hell, if grandpa gets a lap dance out of it, it must be a good thing.

    A while ago, I mentioned a whiskey polish sausage recipe that I had and several mentioned that they would like it. Life got in the way, in the form of my wife fighting cancer, and then having an infected port that they use to give chemo meds having to be removed. Come to find out, the infection she had was MRSA staph infection, so you can see that my mind has been occupied. But I am happy to say that it seems that the worst is behind us, and her, and she is now finished with all of her chemo, and will be moving on to probable surgery to remove a lump in her breast and then radiation. I tell this only because I know that some here are caring people and will pray for her healing. Her name is Laura, by the way, and we found out about her cancer just after we returned from a trip celebrating 25 years of marriage. But God is good, and she is doing well.

    Anyway, the recipe is actually simple, and can be changed however you want to. It calls for 1.25 cups of ketchup, a half cup of brown sugar, and a half cup of whiskey. We add some chopped onions and some Italian seasoning or some oregano, and bring it to a boil, then put it in a crock pot with 2 and a half pounds of polish sausage. These amounts are completely estimates, as we always make it in much larger batches, and do so according to how much sausage we are using. One thing that you can try is to use different types of sausage, venison is pretty good, as well as elk, but so is plain old smoked sausage. This is also good for parties if you use frozen packages of meatballs. Of course, you would want to thaw them and maybe heat them first, or simply have them in the slowcooker for a longer time.

    And once again, I know that some of you will for sure keep my wife Laura in your prayers as you think of her, and I thank you in advance. For how much trouble it has been going through all of this, she is optimistic, as are her doctors. And my apologies for posting this in a spot where it might not have been appropriate, but I didn’t think that the old gentleman getting his lap dance would mind. Looks like it was a fun party, too.

  3. singlestack says:

    Looks like something unexpected came up.

  4. .45-70 says:

    Pigpen51 – I will add Laura to my prayer list.

    Stay strong for her.


  5. David says:

    10000 viewers!!

  6. noncom says:

    At least he died with a smile on his face….or is that a grimace?….

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