How my trip to the shooting range changed how I think about gun owners

Staring down the range and adjusting to the uncomfortable weight of the rifle, I tried to shake the thought that I was sharing the view of Stephen Paddock and the many other mass-murderers whose weapon of choice I was now holding. I tried to think of the soldiers who valiantly brandished these weapons, but the context was inescapable. Every squeeze of the trigger and every hole ripped through the paper target reminded me of only one thing. The gun gave me a power that felt undeserved. There was no adrenaline rush or satisfaction, just memories of headlines and climbing death tolls. But this was only part of the story.

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10 Responses to How my trip to the shooting range changed how I think about gun owners

  1. sheisaidiot!luis says:

    Read how the brave, open minded snowflake went to the gun range, now/ next she should experience the rush of jumping in front of a train and give us a report. I’ll wait.

  2. Bad_Brad says:

    I have a long time friend from the gym, female, school teacher. Typical Lib bull shit when it came to guns. The subject came up one Friday night at the gym and it just so happened I had a trip scheduled the next day to run up to the National Forrest for some testing and practice. So I invited her long and to my amazement she excepted. I brought a Sig P226 for her to shoot, spent some time om gun safety, proper grip etc. Within a few hour she thought she was John Wicks. She had a blast. The ride home was non stop “Tell me everything you know about guns”. That was Saturday. I see her the following Monday and she has a Sig P226 in jail waiting the Cali 10 days. Today she is a NRA certified Hand Gun and Rifle trainer. And one of the Range Masters at our local range.

    • John Deaux says:

      There hope for most every liberal, just have to put up with their retarded nonsense while you slowly spoon feed the truth to them

      • Bad_Brad says:

        I should add that this was a young widow (40 something). Financially set. She ended up quiting the school district after she caught a bunch of shit from administrators about gun pictures on her Face Book page.

        • lineman says:

          Tell her to come to MT and teach at our one room schoolhouse…We love our gun toting Ladies up here…

  3. Bob M says:

    Now that’s some good news for a change!

  4. Paul says:

    A lot of the anti gun attitude I have encountered appears to be based on simple ignorance and complete lack of first hand experiance with firearms.
    All of their knowledge comes from movies and negative news reporting.
    It’s not much, but during the last 15 years I have taken 5 people (including my cardiologist) for introductory gun safety and shooting at the range who have since become gun owners and have learned to enjoy the shooting sports.
    A lot of fear is based on things that are different or unknown, and when someone is familiarized with something the fear normally goes away.
    I did do one interview for CBS tv news where the reporter asked if I would be offended if she stayed behind the glass while I shot some targets for her news broadcast. I don’t think she will ever change her mind. Can’t win them all I reckon.
    Paul in Texas

  5. Aggie says:

    Yeah, but look at the story at the Charlotte Observer link. The story’s layout is populated all the way down the page with a series of heart-rending and bloodily gruesome videos about the recent school shooting – you know, just in case you might be reading the story and thinking that gun owners might be sorta, you know, normal after all.

  6. Antibubba says:

    We forget the simplest things, like taking a newbie to the range, especially an anti. For almost all of them, it’s eye-opening. For many, like the young man who wrote that piece, the simple fact that it isn’t “Deliverance” is enough to open eyes.

    Get off your moral high horses and do something positive. That includes your verbal game. “Snowflake” won’t win you any points.

  7. Doonhamer says:

    I used to have the same emotions when driving a truck through areas crowded with defenceless pedestrians.

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