“Hurry up and get your goodbyes said, Diane”

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11 Responses to “Hurry up and get your goodbyes said, Diane”

  1. Exile1981 says:

    WTF – I can’t think of a single variation were its not fucked up. Either her boyfriend is holding her while she makes out with a guy or she’s holdibg hands whith some other than the guy she’s sucking face with.
    Or her pimp/brother is allowing a client a sample before before they finalize on price.

  2. mathman54 says:

    The guy on the right is the girl’s emotional support animal.

  3. Mike_C says:

    Least bad scenario I can come up with is that short phone dude is her retarded brother. The person who promised to take Bro on an outing cancelled, and even though she already had a date planned she wasn’t going to break his heart. So there he is. And the handholding is so he won’t wander off.

    Okay, okay, I admit that’s sorta implausible. But did you hear the one about how Putin has photos of Trump urinating on prostitutes and that’s why The Donald is now Vlad’s bitch? ‘Cause that’s totally not fake news. Also, the Clintons’ attic fire totally didn’t just happen to destroy a bunch of papers, hard drives, etc. Just an unfortunate totally random accident.

  4. Trib says:


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