Is there anybody out there with any morals at all?

Mayor Megan Barry said Wednesday she had an extramarital affair with the police officer in charge of her security detail, an extraordinary admission that rocks the popular Nashville mayor’s first term.

Barry, in an interview with The Tennessean on Wednesday afternoon, apologized “for the harm I’ve done to the people I love and the people who counted on me” but said she won’t be resigning.

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15 Responses to Is there anybody out there with any morals at all?

  1. loaded4bear says:

    There’s something about those Mayor Barry’s . . . .

  2. Roger says:

    Of course she won’t resign, she’s a dimocrat. As all of us know, “things are different when you are a dimocrat.” Laws do NOT apply to you. Social morality is held in abeyance for you. You can lie, cheat, destroy evidence, and nothing will happen to you.
    Just ask ole Hil herself, she’ll tell ya.

  3. Unclezip says:

    She may not resign, but I doubt she will get any material or other support from her staff or constituents. Nothing more than a soiled figurehead at this point.

    • crazyeighter says:

      This is gonna make her multi-billion dollar transportation boondoggle a much tougher sell.

      • Just a Chemist says:

        Mr. Eighter,
        As a (rather unwilling) resident of nashville, I am pretty sure the boondoggle you referred to is pretty much a done deal. Most nashvillians desperately want to feel like the live in a big coastal city… and maybe, just maybe a non-functional light rail system will make New Yorkers accept as someone almost as good as them. It’s gonna go, no matter who sticks what in the mayor.

  4. POd American says:

    Rumors also circulated about the current governor of Oklahoma.

  5. Winston Smith says:

    I say she used her position of power to force him into sex. That is against state law and can be a felony.

  6. bogsidebunny says:

    Was she a school teacher in her formal life and her body guard her student?

  7. Westcoastdeplorable says:

    Morals???? We don’t need no stinkin’ morals!

  8. Sanders says:

    So, he says he never violated the public trust? If his wife can’t trust him, then who can?

  9. strnj1 says:

    Oh heck, back in the 80’s, we had a City officer catch a City councilwoman and a fellow officer behind Chimborazo Park, here, in Richmond, VA…

    Back then, the entire City Council was crazy in some shape or fashion…

    It wasn’t till former Governor Doug Wilder got himself elected Mayor and “cleaned house” that things began to improve for the City…

  10. George Cathey says:

    Originally being from Tennessee I would think she’s more like a county sheriff. Just buisness as usual. Think Bufford Pusser!

  11. Bacon says:

    “Is there anybody out there with any morals at all?”
    Sure there are, they just don’t tend to go into politics.
    Or, (even more unfortunately), into law enforcement.

    If we allowed only truly moral people to serve in politics and law enforcement, that would go a very long way towards fixing the mess we’re in. However, moral people are rarely willing to work in a toxic environment surrounded by immoral people. It isn’t enough to drain the swamp, to achieve full civic reengagement, we need some sort of permanent drainage system.

    Even term limits are only a band-aid. We need new rules and structures that encourage the best of us (who would normally go into productive enterprises) to consider government, and that discourage the worst of us (politicians and bureaucrats) from going into government. I know this idea rankles many because we want to stay away from being parasitic scum and instead create some value. But as long as we maintain that attitude, we will always be doomed to having egotistical parasites run the show.

    (What if there were NO career politicians, NO career bureaucrats and NO career law enforcement, but instead everyone gave a limited term of service to fulfill these needs, then returned to private enterprise? Just like military service, we serve our nation for a few years, then return home?)

  12. Steven Y. says:

    She obviously feels that she had to stay in office in order to find another subordinate to sexually exploit. She’s in a target rich environment.

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