Needs to be Nationwide

Baltimore’s police union is warning that a new change in policy from the city solicitor’s office may make officers responsible for payouts from lawsuits, which will likely have a chilling effect on the department as a whole.

In an email message to members, police union president Gene Ryan said that the city has “generally supported” officers in the past by paying out punitive damages as well as compensatory damages that were awarded litigants in civil jury trials.

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4 Responses to Needs to be Nationwide

  1. Curt says:

    I find that I can live with the idea of holding police accountable for murder, violating civil rights, conspriacy, drug sales and all the other things the Baltimore Police do for a living. When they stand up for the law, that will be the first time.

  2. Nemo says:

    Removing or modifying Qualified Immunity laws would also go a long way towards curbing police malfeasance, IMHO.

  3. flighterdoc says:

    Good. Cops (and all other government employees, for that matter) can buy professional liability insurance, just like I do…Or their unions can provide it.

    Right now, when a government thug screws up, the taxpayer winds up not only defending him, but paying his penalties: They lack any skin in the game. In fact, they get a months to years long paid vacation out of it.

    • ed357 says:

      Just like generational welfare recipients…..

      If you don’t have “skin in the game”……

      You really don’t care about anything but your freebies.

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