Nothing new here, nothing at all


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  1. Rob says:

    The healthcare industry is a growth industry!

  2. Buckaroo says:

    You can draw another line that parallels the number of administrators – the number of fucking lawyers. That tells you the other half of the story…

  3. nwoldude says:

    SSDD. Pass me the plate of hog maws and side pork bitch.

  4. Just a Chemist says:

    We have the same problem in education (all the way from K up through graduate school). You would *not* believe some of the bullshit job descriptions here–we have so many “administrators” now that the “this should sound important” job descriptions are transparent now. Which is why a single year here costs more that my parents second house. I really do like my job, both the teaching (at least most of the time) and the research… but knowing what the students pay and what they get for it makes me feel almost guilty every time I think about it. I actually do feel kind of bad for those that go major in “world studies” or French Poetry of the Late Classical Period (I don’t think that is actually a major here, but it would not surprise me… colleges are generating new majors faster then rabbits reproduce). They will NEVER pay back the loans they are taking out. I guess maybe they should have known better? Still, if we had the number of administrators we should have, I suspect their tuition might be a manageable debt. On the other hand, you want a new Faculty line in the budget (even though enrollment has increased >100% yet the # of faculty and support staff has only increased ~65%)? No way, too expensive.

  5. Bacon says:

    The most interesting part of this graph is the rather large gap between administrators and growth per capita during the 80’s. We know that administrators have been the primary culprit since the early 90’s but something caused that growth in spending prior to the crossover point.

  6. Allan says:

    While this chart is interesting, I would also like to see a similar chart showing the actual dollars for doctors, administrators and per capita spending over the same time period. I would assume the total spent for doctors was high in 1970 and very low for administrators. The costs for both doctors and administrators has risen since, but because that spent on doctors started at a much higher level the percentage change plots as relatively small over time compared to that for administrators.

  7. Aesop says:

    Private industry only adds administration in response to burdensome government regulations and interference.

    See if you can spot the trend, note the problem, and solve the cost conundrum in the shortest distance between two points.

    Assume everything up to the use of tactical “special weapons” on certain agencies in Washington D.C. is on the table.


  8. Trib says:

    Schools are the same 1 ad per teacher. So is big biz go in`to a factory and their is 1 person sitting at a desk on a computer for every 1 person on the factory floor. Computers have and more paperwork caused this.

  9. redbear762 says:

    Compare that to tort costs for the insurance companies in the same period. There needs to be Tort Reform and caps on what you can sue for and that needs to passed back down to the consumer and providers to provide medical services at lower cost.

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