Same look, same name

Shit, I remember seeing the first video a few months back on a site I hit looking for material for here. I may have even posted it – I remember laughing at the guy and thinking “What a little dweeb…”
So he’s been on TV twice in the past few months on opposite ends of the country. Yeah, it could be completely coincidental but how many times have you been on TV? Besides ‘Cops’, I mean. And for two completed related subjects? Again, besides ‘Cops’.
That reminds me – I need to pick up more Reynold’s Wrap at the Walmart tomorrow.


And then we have this confirming the California beach deal:

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  1. Patrick Mc says:

    Wow! Someone please explain this? Also, has anyone fact checked if David Hogg’s father is, in fact, a retired FBI agent? Whether he is or isn’t doesn’t dilute the fact that he’s posing as a Florida HS student where the shooting took place when he actually attend & graduated elsewhere! More fake news from CNN! Anything to get their liberal agenda out there!

    • StBernardnot says:

      If we can find how he “happened” to be at the right place, who told him to be there, we will be hot on the trail of the people who set this up.

    • katzkiner says:

      Soro’s hired 32,000 “community organizers” and opened 250 offices nationwide for Barry & Valery to run.
      This summer will make the summer of ’68 look like a Tea Party picnic.
      You ain’t gonna believe it.
      President Trump should pre-empt the chaos by arresting the bunch for SEDITION.
      They are planning to finish us off this year.

  2. John Deaux says:

    Damn, this shit just keeps getting more unreal, fucking crisis actors do exist, they do exist, they do……..

  3. POd American says:

    I’m surprised that they didn’t trot out Wolf as a Parkland student. Any and everything from the Clinton News Network is fake and/or staged BS.

  4. rsj says:

    Have to be careful here. There is some chatter that the FB post and yearbook photo is fake, disinformation to discredit actual true info. Just a page out of a yearbook with no information about what yearbook it is from, with no other data about what highschool that yearbook is from etc.

    This shooting has a lot of holes in the official story and stinks, but this could be a piece put out so that whenever anyone mentions the fishy parts of the official account it can all be dismissed as crazy malarkey.

    • crazyeighter says:

      Yes. If that’s a 2015 yearbook and he graduated in 2015, that’s a pretty informal graduation portrait.

  5. Unclezip says:

    Yeah, they did the same thing at Sandy Hook, and again at Boston. Just can’t help themselves.

  6. Trish says:

    Watched about 45 seconds of the clip. Couldn’t stand to watch any more of it. What a little twat. Sounds like his fbi daddy corrupted his brain. And he is a media whore. Disgusting.

  7. Just a Chemist says:

    Regardless, I think a single look at that stick-arm little fuck-mistake, with that little asshole smirk should cause any real human to discredit him as a mini-weasel in the making. Likely the next head of the FBI.

    • Elmo says:

      Or perhaps a Deputy Attorney General of the U.S. Department of Justice. He shares many of the same manly traits as Rodney Rosenstein (which is none).

  8. HoHi ---luis says:

    Told ya! didn’t I say that?. Now what’s the story on the little dyke, Emma…..

  9. NewVegasBadger says:

    Here is my solution to the problem of school shooting and mass shooting: STOP creating the monsters who commit that kind of crime.
    1. Stop raising boys in single parent households. One of the common factors with mass shooters
    and majority of prison population is that they came from a single parent background (or one
    where the “father” was largely absent or just a POS). All children do need their father in their
    2. Stop treating normal behavior in young boys as if it were a mental disorder and expect boys to
    behave like girls. And stop with this feminist bullshit that if you are male, it is a bad thing, and
    there is something wrong and defective about you.
    3. Stop forcing them to take psych meds. Here is the second common factor in mass shootings, the
    shooter was prescribed a med to modify his behavior. I am saying prescription meds are part of
    the problem here.
    4. Stop glorifying violent behavior. Network TV is filled with crime shows every night of the week
    where somebody is murdered. Every. Single. Night. No exceptions. You can not expect there be
    no consequences when a child grows up watching violence and murder (and no real father
    around) and then have young males who act out what they see. What I do not see are TV men
    who you would want your daughter to marry, or your son to use a idea to grow up to be.
    5. One may have their objections to organized religion, however, you can not show me a school
    shooter that was raised in a traditional religious household: two parent family, where DAD took
    the family to church regularly. Bottom line here: if there is no dad in a kids life, you’re going to
    have problems. Our current culture, does NOT teach or promote, checking your impulses and

    What happened in Florida was that all the warning signs were there. Lima Charlie. Those who saw that this POS was evil and going to cause problems, Fucked up by failing to do their job. Cutting yourself is NOT normal behavior. Writing that you want to be a professional school shooter, is a huge red flag warning. WTF!

    Once again, the narrative will be that the monster who shot all those kids, was a victim of (fill in the blank), therefore, not responsible for his actions. It was all that evil black guns fault, along with the NRA. And this never would have happened if only we had common sense gun laws in place to prevent a “senseless tragedy” from occurring.

    For all you shit for brains Liberals; If some event is a “senseless tragedy” is there some thing that is a “senseFULL tragedy”?

  10. Exile1981 says:

    I’m not sure these events are staged or if they just keep cris actors on standby.

  11. look at the picture directly below his. that is the same guy in the cnn article just above. isn’t he a florida student? if in the same class, according to the picture, he is not currently a student.
    dark haired boy with a sharp chin.

  12. bobbookworm says:

    Kenny: The yearbook pic thing is fake. Checked out the poster on Facebook and she is a right wing leaning nut. Says in the post that she went to school with Hogg in 2015 in CA but she lives in Fla. and is probably in her 50’s. People like that do more damage than good.

  13. NewVegasBadger says:

    I knew I had forgotten some thing. There is also the topic of mixed messages and hypocrisy.
    If a school shooting is a very bad thing (which it is) why then, for our LEOs to murder unarmed citizens and given a pass for it. All a cop has to say is, “he resisted arrest” and or “I feared for my safety”. If you are that much of a chicken shit coward, then you are in the wrong line of work, you pussy.
    If it is wrong to shoot a 17 year old kid; then how is it ok if that same kid was only 3 months old at time of his death, still inside his mothers womb?
    Is it not hypocrisy when a Hollywood actor calls for the end of “gun violence” and stricter gun laws when that same actor, makes millions, in movies, where he is the hero shooting people with no real world consequences for his actions (PTSD and a sense of guilt). Our VA mental health wards are full of veterans, who are still trying to deal with burden of being responsible for another’s death. Regardless of how justifiable, that other guy is still dead, and YOU were the one who pulled the trigger. TV action hero, does not piss in pants, pukes his guts out or has nightmares reliving the event.

  14. K9Kill says:

    Looks like he’s wearing the same shirt in the yearbook photo and the CNN video.

  15. John says:

    The FBI needs to spend more time protecting the citizens and less time trying to prosecute college basketball teams for nonsense issues,,,,!

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