School shooting in Florida – numerous fatalities

The Broward Sheriff’s Office has confirmed they have a suspect in custody in connection to a shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland that may have injured as many as 20 people.

UPDATE: Broward County Schools Superintendent Robert Runcie has confirmed there have been numerous fatalities in this shooting.

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36 Responses to School shooting in Florida – numerous fatalities

  1. Roger says:

    3 miles from my home. Kid might live nearby.

  2. Guairdean says:

    It’s time to arm the teachers and hold the press accountable for making these cowards famous.

    • John h says:

      Amen. Brother!! They hafta have a college degree why not a ccw cert for teaching priv. ???
      John h.

  3. No!luis says:


  4. Rebar says:

    Shooter had a dream

  5. orlin sellers says:

    I don’t think they had enough cops there! SHEESH!

  6. Griffin says:

    Prayers and sympathy to all victims and the families.

    Too bad that walking turd Chuck Schumer is sharpening his little rat claws before he slithers in front of the media.

  7. Someone says:


  8. rick says:

    Gun free zones kill people. Ban Gun Free Zones.

  9. bogsidebunny says:

    The Liberal MSM were playing the “Ban all the evil guns” theme from the get-go!

    Frankly I’m sick and tired of the bullshit.

    The reason that these little turds are going wacko is the pampered brats have been desensitized by violent video games and movies while sitting on their asses rather than playing baseball, basketball and football on a dirt field with no sissy protection.

    All the Hollywood actors and Silicon Valley video game producers should bear blame and feel the sting of real copper-jacket, lead-core reality.

    I rest my case!

    • DW says:

      I don’t disagree with any of your statements but the biggest issue I see is kids not being raised properly. No discipline, no life lessons being taught to them in the early years.

      Kids can get away with so much shit in school now a days and the teachers can’t do shit and the parents don’t do shit, except talk bad about the school and the teachers. My wife works at a school and the stories she tells me blow my mind.

      How many people on this site had their hunting rifle in their vehicle when they went to school back in the day? There was zero or hardly any school shootings back then. Because everyone was first taught respect, how to deal with life, good or bad things and would get their asses kicked by dad or mom if the showed disrespect,etc. Just goes to show how fucked up our society has become. We have been turned into a damn banana republic.

    • Andrew says:

      Yeah, no. We (my friends and I) grew up watching “Rat Patrol,” “Gunsmoke,” “Combat,” “Bonanza,” all sorts of Cowboy flicks and War flicks, even Twilight Zone (with lots of guns and violence and stuff) and lots and lots of horror movies – especially those trashy Hammer Studio movies.

      We also shot each other with bb guns (no shooting higher than midchest) and played “Smear the Queer” which was throwing a handball as hard as you can at someone and seeing if they could dodge it. Whacked the crap out of each other with sticks, did all sorts of stupid crap with explosives (homemade and commercial) and other equally violent and stupid shit. We fought and fought and fought.

      We were all raised in a ‘Culture of Violence’ much more in your face than today’s video games (geeze, one kid actually used to play War wearing a kraut helmet with a friggin bullet hole in it) on military bases where there were things that went ‘boom’ on a regular basis that were designed to kill people (and killed people by accident a lot.)

      I lived for 3 years on an island in the middle of the Pacific where, over 3 brutal days, over 4,000 Japs and Koreans were blasted into little-bitty bits, burnt to a crisp or just shot full of holes, lots and lots of holes. (Ever find a human bone? I have, at 8 years old. Also a case of Jap grenades, lots of bent bullets and other pieces parts of various things.) I used to play on the 155mm long-toms near the airport and play shoot-the-ship in my head.

      Yes, I know one kid growing up who shot himself fucking around with a gun. Our take? Fucking loser. I know of kids who committed suicide. Hell, I don’t know a kid (male or female) in any of my classes until 10th grade who didn’t fantasize about whacking someone, if not their whole class or school. But we didn’t.

      WWII was fucking violent. So was the Korean War (still going on today, by the way) and the Vietnam War. All wars that affected me growing up.

      No. Not buying the whole ‘oh, the world is too violent’ bullshit.

      What is lacking in the little assholes today is the inability of the modern world to remove fuckfaces like the shooter before they got too fucked up by whatever fucked them up. We as a nation don’t allow the fucking spastic asshats to slab themselves when they have a chance, before they get weirded out and slab someone else.

      And don’t even try to say serial killers are more common now. Bullshit. Serial killers have been around since man first walked the earth. I grew up when kids still ‘ran off to join the circus’ and prostitutes ‘just moved away.’ Yeah, no. Kids got picked up and killed just as often or more often than now. And same with soiled women. Or bums. Fuck, everyone when I was growing up knew that when you became a bum or hobo a giant target was just pinned on your back and your life expectancy was about that of a field radio operator.

      Bullshit flag on ‘violent culture,’ Bullshit.

      People these days are just fucking pussies. That is the reason why it is so bad. People are pussies when they used to not be pussies. Want to stop this shit from happening? Stop everyone from being pussies. Man the fuck up. Allow boys to worship guys like John Wayne and the local Special Forces operator like the demi-gods they are and quit forcing them to think dressing up in a dress is ‘heroic,’

      MOAR TESTOSTERONE! That will stop this shit.

  10. DW says:

    FL Sen. Nelson already opened his big mouth and started bringing up the gun control subject. What a piece of fucking shit.

    Also had a recorded call from the county school saying our county will have a stronger police presence at the schools from the remainder of this week and maybe next week because the shooting was so close to us. Shit we are on the west coast of FL and 4+hrs away.

  11. Nemo says:

    I just listened to the Democratic Senator from FL who almost immediately, sticking to the Democratic agenda, said when are we going to DO SOMETHING about guns in this country.

    The Democrats are responsible for instituting gun free zones at schools. It was under their control of the Senate and House, introduced in the Senate by Joe Biden, that this law was passed in 1990 in the usual knee jerk response to a mass school shooting.

    This law instead of being called the Gun-Free School Zone Act should be re-named the School Zone Shooting Gallery Act.

    Why wouldn’t a person bent on shooting a whole bunch of people at once go to a place where the person KNOWS that no one will oppose him/her with a gun?

    The distorted logic here defies common sense. When are parents going to insist that their local government protect their school children with armed on site response to counter this threat?

    • Andrew says:

      Gun Control – I am all for it. Bring back school rifle and pistol teams. Allow teenagers to carry their hunting stuff in their cars on school grounds. That is the Gun Control I am for. MORE GUNS! CARRY EVERYWHERE!

  12. ChuckN says:

    I’m already hearing how guns are bad and this is Trump’s fault. In the meantime
    The MSM et al is trying to scrub all the Bernie Sanders fan fic and Odes to Obama
    from the internet.

  13. Bad_Brad says:

    Shit, He used an AR 15. Here we go. This kid was a known problem. They told him not to come back on the campus with a back pack. Everyone knew this guy was 5150. And yet here we are.

    • crazyeighter says:

      And he complied; I’m pretty sure an AR-15 won’t fit in a back pack. Since he was a former student, he knew whether or not there would be a cop (“Resource Officer”) on campus. And once he was on campus with the weapon and started shooting, he owned the place; he left when he was ready and was captured some distance away.

      But the rest of us are going to have to give up our guns…

      • Bad_Brad says:

        Here’s the problem I see with LEO guarding schools. No disrespect meant to LEO. They had a recourse officer on this campus. From what I gather he was on the opposite side of the campus when this retard started shooting, What’s the SOP of LEO? Call other LEO and use the point of the original LEO as a staging area. Unless of course he’s taking fire. The answer to our school security is to start hiring vets for security. And yes it’s getting that bad. Libs have turned our schools into a Kill Box.

      • John Deaux says:

        I ain’t giving up anything, I had nothing to do with it and I am not going to be made responsible for it by the idiots for gun control. Fuck Them

  14. Gryphon says:

    Less than an Hour after the Incident, bolshevik media is Screaming for ‘Gun Control’ and interviewing frightened parents… Too Early to tell if this was a ‘Set Up’ Event (like Vegas) but Damned for Sure it will be ‘Played’ for every bit of Anti-Gun Propaganda possible.

    Time to Buy More Ammo.

    • Rebar says:

      What events will transpire if it gets out that the shooter is an illegal….or a dreamer? The media and govt definitely don’t want people to know this

  15. Al says:

    I want to know was there any active shooter police war games going on in the area at the time?

  16. hhhiii!luis says:

    Read he’s a Democrat, we need to ban them!

  17. Skip says:

    Where was the school resourse officer?

  18. somedude says:

    all this talk of civil war, kill them, kill them. it is going to drive people over the edge. people are on tilt. bracken said it best either Indian or the buffalo.

  19. Skip says:

    Update; Photo of him in a antifa shirt.

  20. Towser says:

    Couple of things here: 1) The only news I heard was a statement from a LEO on the scene. At the time they were still clearing out the rest of the school but the kid was in custody. He stated the school was huge. With this in mind I wonder… was there only ONE resource officer? How many would be sufficient? And if school employees were also armed? (Not just teachers, I worked in a school as a computer tech/ teaching assistant but I’d have been happy to train and carry if available.

    The second worse thing about this is my first thought was about the dems knee jerk reaction to this. It should have been thoughts about the victims and their families. We are all being conditioned guys.

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