Sheriff Offers Free Gun Training To 50 Teachers; Forced To Cap At 300

An Ohio sheriff who offered free firearms training to 50 teachers was forced to cap his offer at 300, after a flood of local school employees signed up in the wake of a Florida high school shooting that left 17 people dead.

“We put it online, we thought we’d get 20 school teachers maybe. Within 20 minutes we had 40. Within an hour we had 100. Within four hours we had 200. By the next morning, at 300, we cut it off,” Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones said on “Fox & Friends.”
-John Deaux


Hey, I’m all for arming teachers but I think it needs to go a little deeper than giving them a few hours of training before turning them loose, particularly if they’re not familiar with firearms.
If you think the gun control push is bad now, wait for the shitstorm when a teacher shoots a student by accident.

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11 Responses to Sheriff Offers Free Gun Training To 50 Teachers; Forced To Cap At 300

  1. JustJJ says:

    Kenny, look into the training offered by a local security company in my neck of the woods: Shield Solutions. They start with a psychiatric evaluation that eliminates quite a few candidates up front. The teachers that pass the psych go on to 40 hours of training initially and 24 additional hours every year to maintain their ability to continue carrying. USA Today has a decent write-up:

  2. Just a Chemist says:

    Kenny, I totally agree with your last statement. I also would not put it past some of our fearless leaders to arrange for a “teacher” to get hired and then intentionally shoots students, whole false flag thing. Hell 500+ dead Mexicans didn’t seem to matter much to them. I’m not sure what path to take. What I want to know is, where is the shitstorm that scores of students have been killed over the years because our teachers are unable to defend them. But yes, teachers who wish to be armed (and I’d volunteer) need to go through extensive training in active-shooter engagement and pass several levels of examination (in both personal sanity and expertise in the utilization of a firearm) before they are allowed to carry. That way, we have some degree of certainty that the crazies will not get firearms into the school, under cover of law.

  3. Paraclete says:

    Our church is launching a safety program which will
    consist of an armed response/medical team.
    Each team member will obtain our state ccp, as well as,
    complete a comprehensive combat hand gun course.
    Also, complete a TCCC combat medical course and carry
    an IFAK kit. A USCCA insurance policy, or equivalent, will
    also be taken out by each team member.

  4. Terry says:

    Here is your comprehensive course. Regular cost is $1750

    To further positive changes of the safety and security in our Republic’s schools, Gunsite will offer a free five (5) day 250 Pistol Course (tuition) at our northern Arizona training facility to School Superintendents, Assistant Superintendents, and School Board Presidents.

    From here:

  5. Wait until a teacher shoots a student on purpose – that’ll get classroom discipline back on track!

  6. Angel says:

    The Panhandle schools have armed faculty and staff. Most of them were CCL holders long before applying for the program. We run into each other at the range all the time. But to become a deputized Marshall (legal protection from lawsuits), they undergo psychiatric evaluation, 60 hours of training, an annual refresher course, and they carry on a rotating schedule so that it’s harder to predict who is carrying and gives them downtime.

  7. anonymous says:

    The accidentaly shooting of a student is a possibility, but I’m also guessing that the number of shooting incidents at ‘gun free’ campuses vs. those who advertise ‘have gun’ will also provide evidence that guns don’t kill students – its Bad Guys.

    If this armed teacher legislation does get enacted, good training should be mandated. Some LEO video training of ‘shoot – don’t shoot’ scenarios would be recommended.

  8. nonncom says:

    I wonder how many teachers have said fuck this shit and have been carrying for years….nobody needs to know, least of all students….

  9. Gryphon says:

    20 Years ago, it was Very Common for Airline Pilots to Carry a Gun in their ‘Chart Bag’. Then the .gov figured this out, and mandated that Flight Crews go through the ‘security checkpoint’.
    This is how 9/11 happened.

    • crazyeighter says:

      IIRC, on June 30, 2001, GWB, through the Secretary of Transportation, forbade the carry of any weapon by commercial pilots, regardless of company policy.

      • Mike says:

        A friend of mine’s son flies for Delta. After a couple of beers he really gets going about how dumb the TSA and all the rules are. His go to comment explains that they won’t let him carry nail clippers onto the plane but then once he’s on board, he has the keys to the plane and a crash ax strapped to his seat.

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