Shit, you should see my toolbox

I can’t find shit in it.

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  1. Rich W. says:

    Wouldn’t hire him, spends too much time playing with his tools and not enough time working.

    • Judy says:

      Rich – you might miss out on a good mechanic.

      Ever good machinist or mechanic I know has toolboxes that look just like that. a) so they can find what they need when they need it. b) so at a glance, they know if they have gathered up all their tools before they sign-off on a job. Tools are expensive when you supply your own and on an aircraft a loose tool is dangerous.

      • Rich W. says:

        Sorry, I worked in the mining industry for close to forty years. A typical tool kit consists of a large crescent wrench, large vise grips, a two pound mechanic hammer and a pointy thingy to line up bolt holes. For a big job you got a six foot crow bar from the tool crib. If you couldn’t fix it with those, you put a new one in. Different worlds, different tools.

        • fjord says:

          Not possible anymore in auto mechanics or heavy equipment repair.

          Manufacturers are making equipment and vehicles that require specific tools in order to repair them. This ensures that you are incapable of fixing your own shit. Also that some independent shop can’t fix or rebuild your shit either, making it mandatory to go to a dealer for big bucks. Or you have to buy a new one. This how govt marries corporatism and kills small business.

          –besides creating entire generations of moron drones who can’t work but that’s another matter.

          and if you think you skirt this by sticking with old stuff (that don’t require a computer to fix ) they’ll eventually stop making replacement parts for them.
          Already are.

  2. Andy says:

    Guessing I could be productive with 1/3 of that.

  3. notthetoolmanluis! says:

    I gave up trying to keep my tools organized, never can find what what ya need, need a 1/2 cup? only find 10 and 12mm’s, half dozen each, or if to were organize the main tool, bit, wrench etc is lost or missing. Fuk it, everything in a box, save on aspirin.

    • Wirecutter says:

      I’ve got most of my tools on a peg board in the shop. The only things in my toolbox are precision tools like micrometers, calipers and shit like that. I do keep my sockets in there though, in their individual cases in separate drawers to keep them straight.
      Hammers, punches, wrenches, and anything with a hole in it goes on the peg board.

  4. Samuel E. Hancock says:

    And that’s just one damn drawer!

  5. grodd31 says:

    Probably a pro, and all Snap-On, but I do recognize one of the torque wrenches as being a Craftsman, same model as one of mine.

  6. Dav says:

    Those tolls have probably never been used…

  7. John Deaux says:

    Very nice collection, kinda clean though

  8. Rob says:

    The owner is a pro, he cleans his tools & puts them back when he’s done. He knows he didn’t leave any behind and they are ready for the next time they are needed.

  9. donnie says:

    I’ll just say this. The only thing I dread more than the proposed job, is finding the tools to complete it. The finding usually takes longer than the doing. That ain’t right.

    • Wirecutter says:

      And that ain’t no lie.

    • NewVegasBadger says:

      Which is why the statement of you can not have too many tools is true. Because, and it seems to be the case, that the ONE tool you need will be the one you can not find, or is way the hell over there. So you grab the first thing you can find that will get the job done. Or you grabbed the wrong size, or you forgot to grab another tool you need.

      I remember a mechanic I a very long time worked with, who could look at any nut, and correctly what size it was, (was always right). I know just enough about being a general mechanic to get myself into trouble.

  10. Andrew says:

    Want to really freak out? Check out a certified aviation mechanic’s toolbox. Everything in its place, everything accounted for, including a checklist.

    You don’t want to leave a crescent wrench inside a jet engine accidentally.

    • millerized says:

      The entire time I worked on aircraft and turboprop engines, crescent wrenches got you extra duty and ridicule. Right tool for the right job, and a crescent wrench wasn’t either one of those. We called them ‘Mexican Micrometers’.

      • crazyeighter says:

        I’ve heard them referred to as “Mississippi Metrics” and “All-Sixteenths.”

        And in all my years of working on Navy airplanes, I’ve never seen vice-grip pliers in any toolbox or even in the toolroom either.

    • Gryphon says:

      Yep, 39 Years working on Turbine Aircraft, that’s How You Roll. One place, We played a Game of one Man Blindfolded, another Opens a Drawer and ‘calls’ a Tool. You Owe him a Beer if You didn’t Touch the right one First.

  11. JPD says:

    My step dad was aircraft mechanic in Air Force. As a kid, I remember his tool chest looking like that.

  12. Clyde says:

    When I was a kid the old man constantly impressed upon me the concept of neatness; “if you can’t find it, you don’t have it, and you can’t use it.” Took me years to learn just how true that was; a little bit of anal retentiveness and OCD up front saves thousands of hours over a working lifetime, and the increased ease of working like that is reflected in the quality of work one does.

    Saw a video over at on how one guy laid out, and uses, his carpentry shop. Just as interesting as that socket drawer.

  13. rp says:

    I am the only one who sees all the dangling wires at the back. Got all these tools and he can’t route a few wires so they don’t hang in a big tangled mess. retired electricians notice shit like that.

    • The DA says:

      Guy plans on taking a picture of his tools. Guy carefully arranges his tools for picture. Guy’s real habits show — cock-eyed power bar and wire mess behind the polished tools.

  14. ed357 says:

    Aviation tool box…….maybe….

    But not .mil but since the breaker bars, torque bars, socket boxes, and big sockets aren’t rubber matted and silhouetted…..

  15. Leonard Jones says:

    I have to admit that it looks a lot like my box. I have a Craftsman 56×24 10
    drawer rollaway and a matching 7 drawer top box, as well as one large and one
    small rolling gang box. I use the modular Ernst socket rails and wrench
    organizers. I am not a neat-freak, but I hate searching for tools. This looks
    like the top compartment of my box except it includes 3/4″ sockets, impact
    sockets, ratchets and excessories and torque wrench.

    I live in a high wind area and built a metal tool shed from a kit. I purchased a
    anchoring kit but never installed it. Between all of mounted bench tools,
    the 4 large boxes, storage shelves and a Harley Davidson, etc, a hurricane
    could not move the damn thing!

  16. Old Goat Patrol says:

    My upright tool box is:
    Screwdriver drawer.
    Cutting tools and files drawer.
    Pliers drawer.
    Wrenches drawer.
    Soccer wrench drawer.

    All loose. The drawers are targets.

    Base cabinet drawer with bigger things like boxed tool sets and meters.
    Then a packed cabinet base where you pull everything out at least twice to find what you want.

  17. Brian says:

    We wonder where one finds those socket caddies. Our Google-Fu is failing Us as of this typing…

  18. JeremyR says:

    Years back worked with a mechanic who kept his box like that. Well, he managed to tick off a couple of the other repairmen, and they responded by taking his box, laying it down on it’s back, then standing it on its top, then over onto the drawer face, then back up on the wheels. Made a heck of a mess of it. They did it to him pretty regular for a month or longer.
    This btw was in a manufacturing plant. We ran round the clock.

  19. Bill says:

    PAWN SHOP SPECIAL. all the misc. that did not sell at Christmas. Or has to work on everything.Poor guy, then the wife gets in there and 1 tool not put back in it’s place is war. I do not mess in the make-up drawer and she has her own tool kit. In da house. Enough said.

  20. Don F (corporate pilot) says:

    I know that guy!!!

  21. skybill says:

    Hi Kenny,
    There’s my “Tool Box” and then there’s my “Rigger’s Kit,” (Parachute Rigger’s Tools) Both I have to say are fairly well “Organized!!” 9x9x19 mech’s box 7x8x16 Riggers box , both have one lift out tray….big stuff on the shelf,, When my Rigger’s kit was on the packing table or inspector’s bench and the lid was up, the “Shop was OPEN!!” One day at Sunpath Parachutes, Warren , this “Brit.” came and asked to borrow a “Torch” (since I seemed to have a well equipped box) so I lift the tray and pull out my hand held butane “Pencil” Torch and fire it up for him!!.. he comes over and was a bit startled as he said he meant a “Flashlight!!’ (had one of those too!!) We had a good laugh on that one!!

  22. Grandpa says:

    unfinished drywall in the background, along with the wire mess. Drawer looks nice, now onto the rest of the shit that needs to get done. About like vacuuming the truck, leaving the mud all over the outside and the beer cans in the bed.
    Not that there’s anything wrong with that, mind you… by the way, my gun safe looks MUCH neater and more organized. Priorities, ol’ son…

  23. Maggat says:

    That box is fine, but, half the fun of a tool box like mine (a mess) is finding tools that I haven’t see for years. Kinda like seeing old friends.

  24. Thomas Doan says:

    I’m with Gryphon, everyone comes to me for tools because…1. I have them and 2. I know where they are. They can call me and I say ” 3rd.drawerrighthandside2ndrack1st.position..”

  25. Robert says:

    One glance at my toolkit is all it would take for me to yell “Allright, who’s been in my toolbox? Dammit, I can’t stop you from using stuff when I’m not here, but at least put it back from where you found it! Grrr.” Neatness counts in more than one way.

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