Snowflake Hogg defends coward cop

David Hogg, who has frequently appeared on the news for his passionate stance on gun control, is a student who survived the devastating Florida shooting that left 17 people dead.

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32 Responses to Snowflake Hogg defends coward cop

  1. bob says:

    he defends the cowardly cops who allowed the murders to go on as long as they did. he defends the murderer who actually did the shooting. he blames people who had nothing at all to do with any of this. Are you sure obomo didn’t have a son?

  2. Padawan says:

    Theu spelled “crisis actor” wrong.

  3. idaho bob says:

    This little snowflake is as much of a school shooting survivor as I am.

    He graduated from school 4 years ago and is now a paid CNN shill.

    Little, lying bastard, needs to shut the fuck up.


    • bogsidebunny says:


      Can you verify the claim he graduated 4 years ago. I tried a Google search but if the site is out there the Commie search-engine has it buried deep.

      • nwoldude says:

        Try “Duck Duck Go” search engine.

        • Andrew says:

          Yeah, Google ‘self-censors’ way too much. During the 2008 elections, Google would bring up negative articles about Palin 10 times more than any positive article, and place the negative articles above any positive thing.

          Bing is somewhat more acceptable.

          Duck Duck Go is definitely better at not being biased.

      • crazyeighter says:

        You’d think at least one of his alleged California classmates would speak up, one direction or another.

        And isn’t young Shi-Thead’s mother employed by CNN?

        • Nemo says:

          I think used to be, which explains a lot about about this zipper head. Speaking of zippers, someone unzip this kids skull and pour in some brain matter. Currently he doesn’t have two brain cells to rub together.

    • Just a Chemist says:

      Has this been verified by a reliable source, like not Infowars, the Onion, or somebody’s “alt right news now blog”?
      This is a super serious allegation that, if true, will blow up the entire narrative and hopefully wake up tens of thousands of people. If it is not true, but folks who want it to be true (like me) keep repeating it, it serves only to make the alt right look like tinfoil hat crazies. We already attract a lot of nuts, optics are important.
      Regardless of who he really is, I agree he is a little lying stickarm bastard who *should be* shut the fuck up. Somebody who was actually hurt/lost a loved one ought to break his face in, enough to require the jawbone to be wired back together (and therefor, shut). Shameful and disgusting to use wanton murder to try to advance one’s future “career.”
      I can’t even image if I got the call my 12 year old daughter… and then some sick fuck with plaster hair and that little simpering smirk used her memory…
      I think I am going to vomit or cry.

      • ignore amos says:

        I saw a yearbook photo of him and then read it was a photochop. He did make a video on Laguna Beach, but it was supposedly while visiting the great State of Caca

  4. Winston Smith says:

    he’s being paid or is an attention whore.
    hi odds on the later.

  5. nwoldude says:

    How many readers have read/heard that a Code Red drill had been announced for the same day as the shooting? I haven’t either.

  6. brighteyes says:

    He is a stupid kid caught up in the limelight. He will parrot as instructed. He probably feels he is all grown up and a real man. He’s probably never worked, paid taxes, balanced a budget, bought a car a home or conducted any adult type responsibilities. When the news is finished with him they will drop him like a hot potato. He’s being used so badly.

  7. TEXASLEGAL says:

    Someone needs to ask that little puke where he was during the shooting? Was he hiding in a closet like a little pussy (saw that somewhere) while the ROTC kids were doing what they could to save other students? Now the MSM is making him out to be some kind of hero or some shit??

  8. ed357 says:

    I found this…..kinda creepy this reporter type stuff going on while the shooter was there and they were in lockdown.

    I haven’t watched all of it maybe first (1st) five (5) minutes…

  9. A Texan says:

    The kid is a Leftist scumbag.

    He’s good for one thing, though – reminding me why I absolutely will NOT allow Generation Tide Pod to decide what my rights, or those of my kids, friends, neighbors and countrymen are – at least not for a LOOOOONG time, until they grow the phuck up.

  10. ed357 says:

    Just on ATL FOX NEWS 5….

    Jesse Randal Davidson…the Dalton gunman teacher….is the one organizing the no guns for teachers at their school.

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