So a coyote can live 2 weeks without food or water?

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — Wildlife rescuers freed a young female coyote that wandered rural areas northeast of Sacramento with a plastic jar stuck over its head for nearly two weeks.

The Sacramento Bee reports the rescuers captured the coyote near the town of Cool on Monday and cut the jar away.

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2 Responses to So a coyote can live 2 weeks without food or water?

  1. Robert Evans says:

    Another little-known coyote fact is that, if you’re wandering in the wilderness and get your leg caught in a leg-hold bear trap, a coyote will hear your anguished screaming and come along and gnaw your leg loose from the trap.

  2. Bacon says:

    Not surprising at all. Most wild animals are able to survive periods drought or famine. Humans are the one animal uniquely unsuited for survival.

    (IMHO, this is one of the fundamental proofs of Intelligent Design. If the world truly operated according to Darwinian principles, we never could have survived long enough to become an apex species.)

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