Some days you get the bear, other days the bear gets you

A big cat poacher has been killed and eaten by the pride of lions he was hunting at a private game reserve in South Africa.

The hunter was heard screaming for help as he was attacked at the Ingwelala Private Nature Reserve in Hoedspruit outside Phalaborwa.

But the lions quickly killed their victim and devoured most of his body before being chased off, leaving his head untouched.

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11 Responses to Some days you get the bear, other days the bear gets you

  1. whynot says:

    Have to echo the article…….poetic justice

  2. Unclezip says:

    “Leaving his head untouched”…always wear your helmet.

  3. Lord of the Fleas says:

    Is that nicely untouched head going to end up on a wall somewhere?

  4. ChuckN says:

    The problem is they may start to develop a taste for humans. Then again if they
    only go after poachers or annoying environmentalists I suppose it’s okay.

  5. bogsidebunny says:

    Anybody know where I can see the video?

  6. The DA says:

    Oh, I see a new “Big Cat” Snickers commercial here…

    Steve (oops, I meant Ndege), was dee-lishus!

    According to the Official Spokes-Lion:

    “We would have eaten Ndege’s head, but his mouth smelled of cock (he apparently liked to eat Kentucky Fried Rooster.)”

  7. bradoplata says:

    Watch Grizzlyman if you can. Greatest documentary in the history of documentaries. [url=] Grizzly Man [/url]

  8. Crustyrusty says:

    “Let’s load up our brush with dark red…”

  9. Sanders says:

    Now they’ll be licking their ass for a week to try and get the taste out of their mouth.

  10. Oregon Rambler says:

    At least the lions ate what they hunted. Fuck that guy.

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