Some good news out of Florida – no, seriously

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Less than a week after 17 people were fatally shot at a Florida high school, the state House has voted down a motion to take up a bill that would ban assault rifles, effectively killing the measure for this session.

The motion failed by a 36-71 vote.

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19 Responses to Some good news out of Florida – no, seriously

  1. Unclezip says:

    So they can use the vote as a hammer in the upcoming election. “See, we had a ‘solution’, but they voted it down”.

  2. Tom W. says:

    The amazing thing about this damn State that I was born and raised in. If you get north of So Flo, its still a Red State. Yes there are cities that are Blue as all get out, however its a big State and Florida/Georgia Line is not just a band. My extensive time at numerous indoor/outdoor ranges has revealed a great deal.

    There are more CCW permits and more “evil” Black Rifles in Florida than just about every other State.

    You think NY and Safe Act States like CT that have a 87% Non Compliance rate is impressive?

    We have our faults, but we’ll have that “register this”, ban that beat. Cause even the politicians know my favorite adage;

    You can’t have them.
    We’re NOT registering a damn thing.
    And Go Fuck Yourself.

    • SAM says:

      Sorry but you have it wrong.
      The guns are not “unregistered” they are “undocumented” so that’s fine then.
      Glad I could help.

    • Andrew says:

      Hell Yeah!

      Fuck those assholes in SoFlo. Fuck them all to Hell!

    • John Deaux says:

      I understand what you’re saying and all those permits are great but if memory serves me Fla does not have open carry of handguns. Mississippi has low numbers but it is both open and constitutional carry, Alabama dispite it relatively low population wins in the weapons permits.per population, it is also open carry. Louisiana is an open carry state also, unfortunately the legislative body left the state police in charge of the fleecing, I mean permits so most just open carry with an open shirt over it. Stay out of New Orleans, Baton Rouge and for the most part you’ll be fine.
      Not to rain on your parades but numbers can be skewed pretty easily

      • Andrew says:

        We were, for a short time, the first state to allow Open Carry. But that was a loophole in the Concealed Carry law and got fixed darned quickly.

        As to Open and Constitutional Carry, we have a bunch of RINO Weasels down in the Miami-Dade area that are stabbing us in the back.

        May they all choke on dicks.

        • John Deaux says:

          I’m not sure I understand what you’re saying about being first, are you saying Fla was the 1st state with open carry. If so I would like to know the year that was, the Louisiana Supreme Court ruled residents had the right to open carry back in 1850.
          As to ccw, North and South Dakota allowed it back in 85 – 86.. I think it was 87 – 88 before Fla got on board.
          I was sworn in as a ” reserve deputy ” back in 78 allowing me to carry anyway I wanted state wide plus most of southern Ms. I never rode in a patrol car or did any kinda police work though.
          I could be a little off on those exact years but I believe I’m pretty close.
          Again not to disagree with you but I don’t know where your information comes from.

          • crazyeighter says:

            Wasn’t Florida one of the first states to go Shall Issue, much to the chagrin of Florida State Attorney General Jackboot Janet Reno?

            I was there briefly in ’87, about the time the CCW permit system came in, and in my youthful ignorance thought “What’s the big deal?”

            • John Deaux says:

              It was but that wasn’t what he was saying unless I miss read it. ” We were, for a short time, the first state to allow Open Carry “, that’s different than saying first with shall issue.
              Again not wanting to be a dick but in this case wording makes a difference.

  3. Tom W. says:

    Oh and the Yankee transplants and Canucks that migrate here from Halloween through Easter every year hate it.

  4. Misfit71 says:

    I’m not a Floridian now but moved from there in the early 90’s – and you could tell even then that state would eventually succumb to the blue plague – its taken a bit longer than I expected it to but with the silver tsunami migrating there for more than a winter over as the years go by its only time it will be overcome by the blue – so I am more than a little shocked the vote wasn’t closer (and glad it wasn’t)

    • Wirecutter says:

      I was kinda surprised at the spread myself.

      • Andrew says:

        Our state representatives were crushed by comments from voters.

        Love them or hate them, but rile up the ex-Cuban (non-Mariletos) and they are scary as all fuck. These are the people that partied in the streets for a week when F. Castro went tits-up.

        There are lots of gun manufacturers and importers also, in surprisingly blue Mijami especially.

        And Tampa is weird. Fucking liberal city that votes conservative. Just goes to show you how scitzo we are.

        Hell, even in liberal hellholes, get out to the swampburbs (imagine a suburb that is bordered by swamps) and you’ll find enough weapons to start a medium-sized war.

        Now if we could just vote out all the anti-gun RINOs that have stopped Constitutional Carry, Open Carry (we were the first state to have that, for a couple days until they fixed the mistake in the concealed carry law,) school carry and even do a better job of restoring non-violent felons’ rights, and replace them with more conservatives.

        But, yeah, we’re probably headed down to a blue hell, thanks to all the imported assholes from the northeast. Assholes. Fuck off and go back to the fascist states you came from.

  5. Daniel K Day says:

    I wonder which way the incoming Puerto Ricans will vote this year, pro or anti-ban.
    As if they had any god damn right to influence it.

  6. bob says:

    thank God there are some grown ups in Florida.

  7. DW says:

    I was glad to hear about the news. But we’re not out of the woods yet. Unless I’m mistaken they can still bring this back up in March. Lots of Rinos caving (see below link) and we haven’t even had the big marches.

  8. wes says:

    And yet Trump’s White House says considering age limits for an AR15 is on the table.

    I truly am not an AR type of guy. The one I had found a new home because I wasn’t ever giving it a work out and there are others I like to shoot better.

    With that said, there’s so much wrong with the above statement I don’t even know where to begin.

    We are going to enact a knee jerk reaction to a device that kills fewer people each year than hands and feet?

    Are we going to raise the purchase age to 21? Does that mean we are going to raise the age for our kids to fight and die for the MIC? How about voting age?

    As far as I’m concerned if you’re old enough to die for your country MIC you’re old enough for everything else.

    Claire is still too soon to start shooting the bastards?


  9. crazyeighter says:

    “Ban assault rifles” huh?

    Can still buy AR-15s, right?

  10. HoHi ---luis says:

    As A side note, that “kid” David Hogg, touting the anti gun shit
    and NRA blame, is a CNN shill. He’s been made as bullshit. A crisis actor.

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