“Thank you Daddy, for the new book”

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7 Responses to “Thank you Daddy, for the new book”

  1. John h says:

    Needs a reprinting and distribution in all primary schools!!
    John h.

  2. Frank says:

    Surprised to not see my father’s name on the byline.

  3. DC Lurker says:

    That book could have been written by my mom. Summer break was yard work time. Why hire help when you have kids?

  4. HiLuisHo! says:

    I’m looking for the book..” Shut up and make me a sandwich ” with sub title ” Yes, my lord and Master”, you know for the wife/ GF….

  5. philinpueblo says:

    Yeah, I worked as long as I can remember. Around the house when I was little – sometimes my dad would give a dime or a quarter for a job (in the 50’s a quarter was worth a lot more than now). When I was 13 my dad put me to work (illegally – child labor laws) in the printing job-shop where he worked. I made a buck an hour as a “Printer’s Devil”, doing the dirty work in the shop, taking apart the metal printing forms used before computerized composition. I’d work between 5 and 7 hours each Saturday and that was pretty good pocket money for a ninth grader in 1964. Except for birthday money from my grandmothers, I don’t think I’ve ever had a nickle I didn’t work for. I’m a better man for that.

  6. Bub says:

    Uh kids, you need to put a kitchen garbage can liner in the basket before filling. otherwise you’ll be fillin & spillin all day. c’mon now, live up to your I Q.

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