Thanks a lot, Ford

Few drivers would imagine feeling nostalgic for speed cameras. Nevertheless, US automotive giant Ford has revealed its vision for the future of policing in a patent application, not for a cyborg, but an AI-driven cop car.
The proposed AI police car is a speed trap, surveillance vehicle and traffic cop all rolled into one. According to the pending patent published earlier this month, the vehicle could be used for routine tasks, like ticketing or penalizing bad drivers.

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23 Responses to Thanks a lot, Ford

  1. crazyeighter says:

    Don’t you have to be a sworn officer to issue a traffic ticket?

    • Wirecutter says:

      Wait until the first one goes to court and the ‘offender’ tells the judge he doesn’t answer to machines.

      • FriscoKid says:

        You’re assuming the judge will be human.

        • Andrew says:

          They are already working on AI systems for handling misdemeanors and traffic issues.


          Fuck them.

          • ChuckN says:

            On the other hand, having a computer makes simple
            yes/no decision will put a damper on scumbag
            lawyers and pissant judges who think 6 months for premeditated murder is a fair sentence.

            • Chris Mallory says:

              Yep, all lawyers are scumbags, until you need one.

              • Bacon says:

                Chris, the “need” for lawyers is a manufactured need, largely driven by corrupt politicians, judges, and police. Eliminate the corruption and you mostly eliminate the need.

                It wasn’t all that long ago that lawyers were few and made their living drawing up wills and contracts. The whole modern litigation system is a racket to create jobs.

          • crazyeighter says:

            Indeed. I have a little trepidation about destroying another human, but non at all for a tyrannical silicon.

    • Bacon says:

      The sworn officer issue won’t stop them. Once they decided that police dogs were officers, that ended the requirement to be human.

  2. C.R. says:

    Cool , so when someone gets ticketed by the robo cop car ,and goes to court to fight the citation will officer Ford have to come to testify ? What happened to our right to confront our accuser ? Will a Crown Vic fit on the witness stand ? How will the cop car place one tire on and on a bible and raise the other ? bye bye to our rights if this flys….

    • Rebar45 says:

      You ever get ticketed by a camera? You still have to pay. There is no arguing for your innocence in court.

      • C.R. says:

        I haven’t had to deal with that, how do they prove WHO was driving ? maybe I loaned the car to my worthless brother in law ?

  3. Molotov cocktails and sticky bombs.

    Or just have someone stand in front and behind the little robot and a mob and beat it to death with pickaxes and sledgehammers.

    • Rebar45 says:

      Driverless cars in general are going to be very popular targets for vandalism and theft.

  4. P says:

    They will make wonder long range rifle targets.

  5. FriscoKid says:

    Ford: all about coulda, not shoulda.

  6. Chris Mallory says:

    They would have to change the law in Kentucky. In Kentucky, the accused have the legal right to a trial by jury for any offense. The statute even includes traffic offenses.

    KRS 29A.270 Right to jury trial.
    (1) Defendants shall have the right to a jury trial in all criminal prosecutions, including
    prosecutions for violations of traffic laws, in the Circuit and District Courts. The
    defendant may request a jury trial at any time prior to the time his case is called for

    Can’t very well cross examine a car’s computer.

    Something for you to remember if you ever get in trouble across the border, WC.

  7. Winston Smith says:

    Well, they ARE bigger targets than the traffic cams. Maybe the yutes of today can actually hit something that sized…..

  8. sk6actual says:

    Can they be bribed?

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