To Serve…..

ROCKWELL, NC – A Davidson County deputy is accused of robbing the F & M bank on West Main Street in Rockwell Tuesday.
Davidson County Sheriff David Grice said Jeff Athey was arrested around 4 p.m.

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  1. Hergoof08 says:

    My hometown. I was at work. Looked out the window. Heard the interceptor engine then saw a sheriffs deputy heading North in a big hurry. About fifteen seconds later, another one goes racing by. “Felony stop.” I thought to myself. Thirty seconds after that, our chief of police roared by. Our town’s limit ends at our business property line, so immediately I thought “mutual aid agreement.”

    The intersection above us is notorious for traffic accidents, so that was the thought. Thirty minutes later, a good customer of ours tells us what went down. Bank robbery. They caught the guy at the intersection. Said they had him in the patrol car, and were loading up a red Mustang on a rollback.

    Few minutes later another customer calls us. He’s a reserve deputy. They pulled the guy out in his parking lot and proned him out. My customer’s words were: “I was kinda disappointed. Thought I was gonna get to see a good gunfight. Fucker pussed out though. Laid down and crossed his ankles and just gave up. I guess maybe he thought the nine guys with rifles yelling they would fucking shoot him convinced him. Pussy. All that work just to give up.”

    Came home. Mom was visiting. Told her what happened. She said when she was leaving home this morning, a guy in a red Mustang got behind her and rode her ass all the way to that same intersection–through town, about three miles. When the light turned red, he pulled around her, cut off a car, and headed on North, riding everyone’s ass all the way to the next town, where she caught up to him at the next light. He turned into the other branch of the same bank’s lot. Apparently, he sat there and cased that branch before coming back and robbing our bank. She said he had a look on his face like he was having a bad day.

    He’s having a worse one now.

    Now I get on here to check for the newest Wirecutter wisdom, and see we’ve made it to the internetts!

    Small town, weird day. Everything is always relative. And local.

  2. John h says:

    You’d think he learned enuff to at least avoid gettin hooked up for a coupla wks? I mean damn. What’d he do give a bank acct numbr to trxfer it to??? Jeez o pete!
    John h.

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