Tractor Hacking

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  1. Mike says:

    As a road service tech for and unnamed dealer and brand. This level of computerization has done little to help me. It has made formerly reliable machines into a royal pain in the ass to repair.
    Much of the race to build machines this way is cause by very poorly planned government emissions regulation.
    The related software and support system that the dealers use is not clear cut and without the tech support and experience with the product line and the stupid shit the manufacturer does you will most likely make a minor problem into a multi thousand dollar lesson in don’t fucking touch it.
    The point is while I support the right to fix your own shit, you better start admitting your limitations and stay clear of the really expensive stuff.
    I have 15 years with this dealer I have 25 as a professional tech and factory schools, I have 2 other techs just as experienced as me to call to help me. And we still get totally stumped because some fucktard engineer thought that 4 onboard computers and a sensor suite that make the voyager probe look like a toy was a dammed good idea in a skidsteer.
    I know it sucks but be very careful what you wish for, because Uncle Sam may just give it to you good and hard up your fifth point of contact.

  2. Walnut1 says:

    It is very true. There have been days, not many, I’m driving a 40 year old machine while the newer JD sits waiting for the dealers computer to arrive for a simple repair. Last summer I had a $680 visit, the part was a $12 solenoid.

  3. soapweed says:

    As I posted before, the Air Cond Contractors of America, in the eighties, went after Carrier, Trane, York, Dunham Bush etc and filed a class action regarding the proprietary service info only available then to factory personnel. We contractors won. The tune way, way morphed. Precedent was set for this newer issue. History — disregard and you’ve shot yourself in the foot. Easy.

  4. Ed357 says:

    So I can easily hook up my diagnostic computer to my $20,000 car to get fault codes….

    But farmers can’t do the same thing to their $250.000 tractors…..?????

    Don’t think I’d buy a John Deere.

    • Mike says:

      Brand is irrelevant
      We don’t use obd codes like cars.
      But your obd code reader can’t make your car or tractor/ excavator recognize a new component or even test current faulty pulse width modulated solinoids .
      Like I said it’s not a clear cut system.
      Kinda like reading the soldiers common task doesn’t make you a soldier
      Reading the codes doesn’t make you a mechanic

  5. Timbotoo says:

    I have a ten year old motorcycle. It’s packed to the gills with ten year and older technology. Some the manufacturer has ceased to support, like the GPS operating system. Fortunately there is a group of affected individuals who have found workarounds, but still.

  6. Walpurgis says:

    They need to talk to the tuners that do the road race and rally cars. That community has some pretty knowledgeable folks who have modified and rewrote chunks of firmware that you can then flash into your onboard computers. This allows modifications and adjustments sometimes in real time.

    OFC your emissions controls are FUBAR< but who gives a shit.

  7. Gryphon says:

    Ha. Ha. Ha. As a Jet Mechanic over the past 39 Years, I ‘worked through’ the introduction of FADEC (Digital Engine Controls) and ‘Fly by Wire’ Systems. After a While, I realized what the much more Senior Engineers (Masters of the Art of Jets from the 50’s and 60’s) were telling us Punks about the KISS principle and how Excessive Complexity would lead to Reduced Reliability.
    When I heard the first incidence of a Jet at Cruise over the Atlantic having the Engines go to Idle, the Throttles not responding, and 15 Minutes of Panic talking to a Mechanic on the Radio, pulling up Deckboards in the Cabin to Disconnect a Cannon Plug to kill all Power to the ECU and ‘reset’ it,
    I decided to Never Work on that $#!* again. Never Mind Fly in one.

    p.s. Don’t fall behind on your Tractor Payments, the Mfr. will Shut it Down in your Field until they get Paid.

  8. Andrew says:

    The politician, Lydia Brasch, is a Republican.

    Just saying.

    And here I thought the Dems say the Repubs are the party of big business.

  9. warhorse says:

    those older tractors will still be going strong after all this new junk is long dead. they make the mistake of having cars in these post-apocalyptic movies all the time, when they should all have old tractors.

    sure, Mad Max wouldn’t have been all that exciting with a 1917 Fordson 30 MPH “high speed” chase..but it would have been closer to the truth..

  10. Doonhamer says:

    I think that some armies insist on non electronic engines. For good reasons.

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