Trouble in Utopia

When Mike O’Brien, Ballard’s Seattle City Council member, biked up the Ballard Bridge last Thursday night, he counted five tents camped under the north ramp.

He went back Tuesday, and those tents were gone. The underpass was fenced off, and workers were drilling holes to put up a 10-foot-high spiked fence to prevent homeless people from camping there.

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5 Responses to Trouble in Utopia

  1. Aesop says:

    They’re not serious.

    Yeah, they’re putting up spiked fences, and dropping tons of boulders on grassy strips to keep homeless campers out.

    When they electrify the fences, and drop the boulders on the homeless people, you’ll know they’re finally getting serious.

  2. Rob says:

    $70 or $80 for a bus ticket to Los Angeles, I’ll bet they could get a discount if they bought a lot of tickets at once…maybe Seattle could just deport the homeless?

  3. Mike_C says:

    Portland, OR is probably worse. (I was in PDX a couple of times last year, haven’t been to Seattle for nearly a decade, so no contemporaneous comparison.) Went for a 3-mile run along the Willamette River, through McCall Waterfront Park and over the bridges to the east side of the river. Well over a hundred tents and shantys under the I-5 freeway and ramps. And the downtown business district had bums on every block, some blocks in every other doorway, sprawled out and drugged up insensate to the world. This at 3pm.

    Then again, go up to Manchester, NH and there are a few blocks where you can see dozens of people staggering about doing the Opioid Lean. Again, in the middle of the day.

    • Hogbody says:

      Mike_C knows what’s up. I’m a small business owner in downtown Portland. Some mornings its like the beginning of a zombie movie as the junkies and hobos struggle to their feet and start shuffling around. About once a week, I have to tell someone sleeping in my doorway to move along, or get out the mop and bucket. Thank god for the cheap street drugs and plentiful social services. When I become king of PDX, some motherfuckers are in for a shock…

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