Trump plans Executive Order to ban bump stocks

Live on the news just minutes ago, President Trump said he’s working with his lawyers to draft an Executive Order. To do what, you ask? Ban bump stocks. Link below . . .


So does anybody that’s been talking about how him saying that before was just a ploy want to explain this ‘ploy’ to me? I mean, without the NRA tactics of bargaining something away to keep something else? Because I must be a dumb motherfucker to not be seeing the big picture here…..

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14 Responses to Trump plans Executive Order to ban bump stocks

  1. mtnforge says:

    I’m just a dirt person nobody in the larger scheme of these insane politics of raw power.
    Because when you get down to it, it is all about guns. From the beginning of my country to now. It has always been about guns. Which motherfuckers have guns and which motherfuckers don’t have guns. Who controls the gun and who is controlled by the gun.
    Look at it this way, everything but an out right palace coup, (never been sure how JFK figures into an American coup, so I’ll skip his assassination here), has been committed as far as treason, tyranny, and totalitarianism. There’s nothing left to do to try to destroy my country these fuckers running things have pulled with us dirt people.
    Its gun’s fellers. Guns. Its what they want. It is what they trying to take from us. No bullshit about this. That is the last thing these fuckin’ sonofabitches haven’t managed to take destroy or steal from us. And guns are the last thing they have to take from us to rule with total impunity.

    Regardless, I am somebody to reckon with. Me. And so too millions, who ain’t gonna give up our guns no matter fucking what. Let em play their fucking games it won’t change nothin’ in regards to us never giving up our guns.
    And that is all it really is about.
    There’s no need for us to say another word. If anything, it would work out excellent if they shut the fuck up, outlaw us by outlawing our guns, then there’s nothing for it but fightin’ and Winnin’.

    Because WE with our guns are gonna Win. When we open up that can of whoopass we been saving, its going to be unlike anything they could have imagined could happen It will change everything. The one thing thats a done deal is when they take the gloves off we are gonna by necessity run them all down, to the last one, none can be left to start again. A message so clear nobody will fuck with us dirt people for a thousand years.

    I’ve resolved myself to keeping my peace at this stage from here on out, and made peace with killing time now, before it begins. And you be a fool to try to tell me killing’ time isn’t coming or resistance is futile.
    The time to decide yes I am going to use my guns to kill in defense of keeping my guns and all that stands for. is now.

    Its the Manly thing. Its courage of conviction. Its the stand up thing, its what real men do, nothing else for it but the right thing, and by God, I’m standing, because if I myself don’t stand up, who will stand up for me. I’m not about to let some other guy die alone in a gutter bleeding out with no loved ones around standing up by himself for my liberty and life. Because my liberty is your liberty, and yours mine. Thats how this works. That is the idea. It was always the idea.
    That’s not very nice now is it to let some other bastard die for whats all of ours?

    Its never being a slave or subject to the whole lot of the fucking scumbags in on taking our guns.
    And we beat the sonofabitches by making our stand on this. There is really nothing else but that and winning.
    Can you imagine all of us giving these fucks what they got comin’ to em for what they been doing to us all this time?

    • wes says:

      I’m right in line with the idea the time to decide how people are going to use their weapons is now. I’m long past that point personally. I’ve known what a gun was for since I first started shooting a .22 and that is longer ago than I care to remember.

      Anymore I don’t get too excited about what cloud people think they are going to do to me or about me. When the time comes, nobody will have to guess and then all restraint will fall away.

      I’ve expressed elsewhere, I may, even probably will die, in the coming festivities but the rails to Valhalla will be greased with the blood of my enemies.

      In the mean time I still have knowledge and skills to pass to pass on to my kids and anyone else that wants pick my brain.


    • Ray says:

      You only win if you are willing to use them. If you are not willing to kill and to die. Then Bubba, all of this chest thumping crap is bullshit and hot air. America is a one party system. And we ain’t invited to the party. It’s kind of funny in a way. Donny boy announced he wanted to be president again in 2020. Then fucked himself out of it within the week.

  2. Sabre22 says:

    If he does he is a one term president

  3. ccwardjr says:

    I actually had no idea what a bump stock was until the news assholes were talking about Vegas. I am sure they sold more of them in the past week now that they must be banned.

    • Wirecutter says:

      They’ve been hard if not impossible to find since the Vegas shooting.

      • wes says:

        I’m in the same boat as ccwardjr, never was aware of them.

        That said, after looking at their construction, any half assed guy in a shop with even a modest assortment of tools could probably turn out a functional copy in an afternoon.

        Might not be made out of the same materials but I’d lay odds that within 3 miles of me there’s enough raw materials to make hundreds of them.

        As a final note, don’t see any use for one other than to burn up a whole lot of ammo for no reason.


        ps Ken, sent you an email

      • Plan K. Ton says:

        If you want to 3D print one, the CAD files are online (this was the first of 406,000 results on Goolag):

        Personally, I don’t see the utility, but this is an issue for each and their own to choose or not, not for some communists to make a rule by fiat.

        There is all KINDS of neat stuff at Github.

  4. Al says:

    To mtnforge, well written brother perhaps when the dust settles if I’m lucky we will meet and I can shake your hand! God speed!

  5. Abe says:

    Where I live there is only a collection of little old ladies and cucks. Yes, I repeated myself. If the cell phones or internet is shut off, I will get no warning so it will be a small version of Custer’s Last Stand.

  6. warhorse says:

    an executive order doesn’t have the authority to ban bumpstocks. only congress can do that. just like the “dreamer” garbage.

  7. Plan K. Ton says:

    Banning firearms is rather pointless… the technology is freely available. People can even build their own crossbows… not banned (yet). Check this crossbow out of a leaf spring video out:

  8. Gryphon says:

    All of this just Underscores the Desperation of the .gov and politicians (Trump is a politician) because they are beginning to Realize that NOTHING they do will ‘get the Guns’ from We the People.. Their self-imposed Separation from the Real World has led them to think that with the right ‘Regulations’ or ‘Laws’ or ‘Propaganda Campaign” they can Brainwash (or threaten) People into giving up the Guns, but it Won’t Work, and somehow, it’s beginning to look like, ever so Slightly, in the back of their little Reptilian Brains, that they Know This…

    BLOAT – Buy Lots of Ammo Today.

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