Turnaround is fair play

SAN FRANCISCO — California Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia — whose high-profile advocacy of the #MeToo movement earned her national media notice — is herself the subject of a state legislative investigation in the wake of a report that she sexually harassed and groped a former legislative staffer.

In December, when Time magazine announced that “Silence Breakers” who spoke out against sexual harassment were its Persons of the Year, Garcia’s face was prominently included in the art accompanying the cover story.

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4 Responses to Turnaround is fair play

  1. crazyeighter says:

    Once more proving the adage that if you want to know what the lefties are up to, just listen to what they’re accusing the conservatives of doing.

  2. Mike says:

    Sounds like the woman can’t handle her alcohol.

  3. nwoldude says:

    But she is the only woman to ever do that.

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