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18 Responses to #WeAreLuis

  1. warhorse says:

    the strain on the back of her neck must be tremendous.

    • Padawan says:

      Well ya. I’m surprised she doesn’t have a permanent indentation from the knot with that much weight on the neck on a halter top like that.

  2. crazyeighter says:

    Nice smile.

  3. IAmLuis! says:

    Damn!!!. … ….. …nice smile!

  4. Sambo says:

    DAMN !!!

  5. warhorse says:

    comment #2…

    well, she has about zero chance of drowning….

  6. Spiro says:


  7. formwiz says:

    She’ll never drown.

  8. bogsidebunny says:

    Nice flotation devices!

  9. Padawan says:

    15 year old jail bait who looks like she’s 25.

  10. Miles Long says:

    Are there “No Motorboating” signs on that beach?

  11. I’d motorboat that in a heartbeat.

  12. MadMarlin says:

    Wow, I could not figure out what that tattoo is.

  13. warhorse says:

    not sure if these links will work but here goes…



    her friend looks rather young but the tattoo on her hip says “I’m over 18” to me….

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