Well, shit…..

A Colorado couple said they sold everything they owned to buy a sailboat and set out for the open seas together.
Within two days, their dream became a nautical nightmare.

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20 Responses to Well, shit…..

  1. Rebar says:

    Should a stayed in Colorado landlubbers

  2. noncom says:

    There’s a stone jetty that juts out of John’s Pass on the Gulf side….is it possible they hit the end of the jetty?…..the fact that there was no conclusion that says exactly what they did hit leads to that….My Dad’s 28 footer drafted pretty deep at the keel, and required paying attention to the depth…..maybe they just ran aground….5 grand isn’t much of a boat, and it most likely wasn’t in the best of shape….

    • truthzzzz says:

      Did they ever read a chart?

      Or is all water like Trump voters to them, they believe. The same.
      What lies beneath the surface will getcha, landlubbers. The surface sometimes gives an indication, but you better do your homework.

  3. California southpaw says:

    Shoulda bought a submarine, it seems.

  4. OC says:

    I read the article. These two are weapons grade idiots.

  5. Sanders says:

    Probably would have been a good idea to get some instruction on sailing, first.

    Youtube videos don’t quite cut it.

  6. Don in Oregon says:

    If (per linked news story) their life savings consisted of $5000 then there’s room to start over …

  7. Rob says:

    It’s sad to see a dream sink like that.

    I just read that Wisconsin has more job openings than people & is spending big bucks on an advertising campaign to get workers, that might be a good place to start over…

  8. crazyeighter says:

    Hit something and knocked the drain plug loose??

  9. Lylelovett666 says:

    5000.00 for a boat? I work on boats for a living & can say without hesitation that this is equivalent to 20.00 car. If they get into & out of a boat for 10k,they should consider themselves lucky & walk away.

  10. Mike G. says:

    “The boat hit something…” called, by people who know how to con a boat, a reef.

    Life savings = $10,000. These two were not big savers.

    No boat insurance? No sympathy from me.

  11. C.R. says:

    It’s probably lucky for them that they sunk the boat close to shore the Coastguard got to them before they got to be shark bait

  12. ChuckN says:

    I found this in the comment section; “The SS Snowflake crashed into reality…”

    Couldn’t have said it better myself.

  13. Learn how to navigate first. Idiots.

  14. Aesop says:

    $10K is their life savings?
    And couldn’t conn a sailboat without hitting “something” under the water, because they could read a chart or navigate??

    The biggest tragedy is that this didn’t happen out somewhere beyond cell phone range, and about 50 miles from inhabited land. At night. In a storm.

    Fate tortures us by letting people this clueless live to breed.

  15. Dolt says:

    Pulled a Sam Malone, eh? Cheers

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