We’re lost

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  1. Fred Z says:

    No, not really lost, maybe finally getting found.

    The educational systems of the world have largely become useless crap. They are being replaced by search engines and the internet.

    I have a 57 year old guy with grade 4 education who works for me as a carpenter, handyman, jack of all trades. He has no ticket, no formal education as a carpenter or anything else. All ‘on the job’. he’s quite intelligent and works hard. When he started with me 4 years ago I supplied him with a work laptop so he could book his time onto our internet based system and request parts, material and tools.

    I made him learn to google so he could find online install and maintenance information. The amount of information he has poured into his brain in 4 years is astonishing.

    I’m semi retired and only have one remaining small construction – maintenance crew, and I’m gone traveling a lot. I am absolutely positive that when I head out, to Portugal for example, Vernon asks google questions about Portugal just like the ones you’ve shown. No matter, google helps him out and then he knows. When he was an unruly kid nothing could make him learn. Now he does, easily and naturally.

  2. JeremyR says:

    Google is lost. The #1 choice should be “is France” surrendering
    #2 of course would be “is France” full of cowards

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