White Lives Matter

Remember last year when Sheriff’s deputies in Tennessee shot and killed an unarmed man? Me neither and that’s because the guy was white. Had he been black it would have been big news, but you know how it goes. This is only making the news now because the Sheriff who ordered the killing was caught on body cam laughing about this unnecessary police shooting.

Last April White County, TN sheriff’s deputies attempted to pull over Michael Dial for driving on a suspended license. Driving his pick-up and pulling a trailer, Dial led the deputies on a low-speed chase that never endangered anyone. Eventually deputies rammed the truck, running it off the road. Two deputies immediately opened fire on Dial, striking him in the head and killing him. Despite finding no weapon at the scene, this shooting was ruled justified.

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19 Responses to White Lives Matter

  1. Andrew says:

    So, tell me how bad Florida is?

    Here we have at least 3 sheriffs who openly want the populace to ‘gun up.’

    (We don’t count much of South Florida except where the old-school Cubans are.)

    • Wirecutter says:

      You need me to remind you how bad Florida is?
      Grab a 12 pack, get comfy, then go to ‘Florida’ in the categories and click on that…..

      I understand you wanting to defend it, I used to cringe every time I used the ‘Gotta be California (again)’ caption.

      • Andrew says:

        Just joshin ya, man. I can’t stand the Californication and New Yorking I see going on in my ‘home’ state. Hate it, I do.

        But it’s a low day when the boss hog laughs about killing someone over nothing. That right there is a new low, even lower than shooting up a pickup full of newspaper ladies.

  2. Sonny says:

    fucker should’ve pulled over, It’s that simple. You are not allowed to put anybody’s life jeopardy. So weather the police or a private citizen, they have the right to use deadly force to protect themselves and others.

    • Wirecutter says:

      So driving on a suspended license is grounds for killing him in your eyes? Seriously? He wasn’t an immediate danger to the cops or private citizens, the article said it was a low-speed chase.
      Hey, here’s an idea – why didn’t they just go to his house later and arrest him?

      • Andrew says:

        Yeah, no reason to kill him at all. Worse they should have done was spike strip and tase him.

        But to order the deputies to kill him? And the deputies followed the order? WTF?

      • California southpaw says:

        They could do that in 99% of the chases in my opinion. They usually know who it is or will soon enough.

    • singlestack says:

      Copsuckers like you are the reason this country is deteriorating into a police state, and why they’re so quick to murder people. They know you and you’re ilk will excuse and justify their crimes.

    • soapweed says:

      Sonny: Good that your outlook on life is that simplistic. Always only one alternative or the other. For example, weather or whether. Sonny or sunny. Simple or ……..in your case, simple. Good for you it doesn’t seem painful.

      • bradoplata says:

        stormy responses to Sonny’s post.

      • Sunny says:

        All right now. Don’t get me mixed up for/with this guy.
        I don’t trust cops. You never know what they will do. Especially if you piss them off or scare them.
        Now in this case, the sheriff is a sadistic bastard who needs to be thrown out of office ASAP. And then severely beaten.

    • Daryl says:

      They ran him off the road…….He wasn’t a danger to anyone when they opened fire on him.

  3. Sigproshooter says:

    Sonny, you sir are a simple fuck. Anybody with an I q over 68 can see the multitude of things wrong here. You obviously have some serious issues. I don’t normally get into internet fights, but damn I cannot believe you actually posted that shit and was serious. Just Damn.

  4. Steve in ky says:

    The rule of law is dead. It has been dead for a long time. There is a whole lot left unsaid, but many men have followed that line of thought to it’s inevitable conclusion. Others well the bible speaks often of fools.

  5. singlestack says:

    The sheriff’s statements make this premeditated murder. He and the deputies are all guilty of murder and conspiracy to commit murder.

    • crazyeighter says:

      Problem is finding an AG with enough balls to indict.

      Whenever I roll through that stretch going to or from Knoxville, I make it a point to never drive faster than the eighteen-wheelers.

  6. rd says:

    That was not a low speed chase. And the trailer lost a wheel at the stoplight.

    Listen carefully to the video. I think about the time I hear the Sheriff say “Don’t ram him … shotgun,” the gunfire occurs. I counted what I think are at least eight to ten shots. Anyone know how were fired?

    I think the feds should take a look at it, if the state won’t.

  7. Sanders says:

    The guy was executed for the heinous capital crime of, “Kontempt of Kop”, which is so horrible that punishment is summary execution in the field.

  8. Bill N. says:

    Before you nominate the deceased for sainthood may I point out that an automobile can kill people just as easily as a gun. People in England, Spain, New York, etc. have found out that vehicles can be used as a deadly weapon. While the driver wasn’t deliberately trying to run over people he was definitely putting people at risk with his reckless driving. It has been called a low speed pursuit but their definition of a low speed pursuit is different than mine. I would call a low speed pursuit 25-30 mph and he was definitely going significantly faster than that. I am not happy with the Sheriff but I would be less happy if dumbshit had killed someone in my family or a friend with his reckless driving because the deputies didn’t stop him. Some believe that the suspect’s life was more valuable than a few police cars but do you think police departments have a large reserve of police cars to replace damaged ones? The suspect was diverting LE resources away from other duties. Would you critics be so sympathetic to the deceased if a robber had killed a family member while they are playing bumper cars with this idiot? What about causing an accident which would have required the services of the fire department and emergency medical services. Would you still think this knucklehead is worth a shit? I am glad that I don’t have to deal with the Sheriff but I don’t have any sympathy for the deceased. Perhaps you should all join the local volunteer fire department or sheriff’s reserve and show everyone how it can be done better.

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