Why does replacing food stamps with food so anger liberals?

President Trump has proposed replacing some food stamp grants with actual food. This has curiously enraged liberals, who you would think would be delighted to see “hungry” people getting food.

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26 Responses to Why does replacing food stamps with food so anger liberals?

  1. crazyeighter says:

    Bring back the days of Government Cheese and #10 cans of peanut butter.

    • Exile1981 says:

      It’s a great way to prevent food stamp abuse. There have been lots of people caught using them for drugs etc.

      • anonymous says:

        Yup, exactly that. The reaction when panhandlers are given actual food over $$$ is comical and enlightening. When the really hungry get the offer, they almost get tears in their eyes (Thanks man – I haven’t eaten ANYTHING today!).

        Trump is doing good – well done sir !

  2. Sanders says:

    When I was a kid, Grandma was on Social Security and used to go get the free cheese and the occasional 10 lb. can of Spam and give them to our family. It was good stuff.

  3. R says:

    Doesn’t the gov pay farmers not to grow food? Why not pay them to make government cheese instead, instead of paying the farmers not to grow, and the stores for EBT stuff. This could save money. And if it re-stigmatizes EBT, so much the better.

  4. bogsidebunny says:

    Liberals (Democrats) want the dimwitted parasites high on sugar laced crap. A sugar high creates a Democrat voter.

  5. Leonard Jones says:

    I LOVE IT! That would be money they could not spend on booze or drugs.
    Strike that, their kids would still go hungry because they would sell the
    food for drug money. There is no simple solution to this problem is there?

  6. HiLuisHo! says:

    ??Whaa?? No more using the ATM at a strip club for titties tip cash?

  7. SAM says:

    I don’t get it it’s fine for Michelle Obama to set school lunch, and Trump was wrong to end this but when he sets meals he’s still wrong?

  8. Judy says:

    It’s suppose to be something about dignity. But when you are poor working class and you stand in line behind someone with an EBT card and look at what is being thrown up on the check-out counter…fake crab meat, smoked salmon, rib-eye steaks, name brand veggies and fruit juices, name brand pop. Your cart has 49 cent-a-pound chicken quarters, cheapest hot dogs and hamburger meat you can find, generic labeled veggies, marked down bread, veggies and fruit, plus you went on Banana Tuesday (29 cent-a-pound) so you could be sure to have some kind of fruit for the kids. Your blood does do a slow boil.

    Got to admit some of the best processed cheese and peanut butter in the world is government. The year I got commodities (You had to have a job to qualify.) as we stood in line, we swapped recipes to use whatever we were getting that month. It amazed me how many people didn’t know how to cook a pot of rice or all the things you can do with dried eggs.

    • Mike_C says:

      Yes (damnit) to that whole list of taxpayer-funded goodies. But you left out actual snow-crab leg clusters, and decorated cakes (something about not denying the poor darlings birthday cakes or some shit). The other thing I notice is that often this gigantic pile of red meat, seafood and name-brand items is then shoved into a late-model SUV that someone pulls up to the curb in front of the store. (Thus blocking everyone else. No walking your cart to your parked car like us sucker peons who pay for all your stuff.)

      Check out James Lafond’s (jamelafond.com) blog and search on “Ghetto Grocer” for his observations from decades working in Baltimore grocery stores.

      >marked down bread
      Huh. I am quite the connoisseur of marked-down food. Got the habit from too many years of school, and see no reason to change. The difference now is that I have the option to splurge once in a while, which is nice. But I still don’t eat nearly as well as some of the EBT-using folks I see at our local Market Basket (New England chain of “budget” grocery stores infamous for good value and ridiculous internecine [family] fighting, for you non-Yankees).

      • Bacon says:

        Regarding the SUVs at the curb, entitlements breed further entitlement. Their convenience is simply more important than yours. It’s all a single mentality.

    • Bacon says:

      Judy, if you have great or unique ideas for dried eggs, please share them with us!

  9. Sedition says:

    Trust me, those who truly need the assistance will be appreciative no matter which way it goes. Any food is better than starving.

  10. AlphaDelta says:

    Well, if EBT card were eliminated how in the hell would Democratic Party parasites, banksters, and other assorted legal and illegal alien shitbags rip off our tax dollars?


    Always follow the money.

  11. kdts says:

    Wanna make’em really throw a fit! Mandatory picture on all EBT cards. No excuse for voter ID then.

    • Frank says:

      You are brilliant!

      • AlphaDelta says:

        No, if you’re on the taxpayer funded government hammock, then you should have to forfeit your vote to break the incestuous relationship between those on the dole voting for politicians who are more than happy to buy that vote with our coerced tax dollars.

        Matter of fact, it would go a long way to only restore voting rights of those on the dole after five years has passed from last government benefit was received.

        • JeremyR says:

          Bingo! I’ve said that many times.

        • Sendarius says:

          Only if the potential voter has the authority to refuse a benefit.

          Otherwise, I can see the government unilaterally awarding a benefit to all the registered voters other than their own, and BINGO!, elected for life.

        • warhorse says:

          I read a book once..a cyberpunk-ish sort of story, I can’t remember the name..

          but in the story corporations could proxy someone’s voting rights if they housed them and fed them within certain government standards. it wasn’t 100%..more like 2-to-1 so for every person they took care of they got half a vote. there was no homeless problem, because companies would actually compete to give the homeless a better deal in exchange for their votes. better food, better housing, more channels on the TV..whatever it took.

  12. Rich Whiteman says:

    Is this not the Best President Ever? Really overturns all of the applecarts so carefully built for all these years.
    A one-man wrecking ball!
    Yes, I was hungry once, I fed my kids by going to the church food pantry. And when I got back on my feet I made it a point to re-stock the shelves there.
    Government just ruins what they touch. Go, Mr. President! Go!!!!

  13. Hillbilly says:

    I can tell everyone on this site has worked for a living. If I gave you 5 bucks and asked you to buy pinto beans with it, some would return with 6 1lb bags and maybe some change. The smart ones would come back with bulk beans and have like 7 and 1/2 lbs and very little change. So now uncle Sam tells 50 bean farmers we’ll take all the beans you can grow. Now the recipients are happy, they get their beans, Mr. tax payer should be happier cause uncle Sam just bought the same amount as before but for 50 cents on the dollar. Jerry Brown will be happy cause he can sell water to southern ca. so they can cook beans and everyone’s happy.

  14. warhorse says:

    when I was a kid, we had a neighbor names Arthur (his real name was Joe, but he got tired of being called that after he jumped with the 82nd airborne on D-day. everyone was “joe” and he wanted to actually have a name LOL) he used to get the blocks of yellow government cheese. he would give most of it to us..because for one bachelor 6 blocks of cheese was WAY too much. throw in a few loaves of expired-but-no-mold loaves of bread (stored in the freezer) and we had grilled cheese sandwiches all summer. it was good stuff.

    arthur was THE guy in the trailer park though..yeah I grew up in a trailer park…if you ever came home and your parents weren’t there, you went to arthur’s house. no bad shit was gonna happen to any kid if arthur was around. all the parents in the trailer park knew him and trusted him. they’d replace whatever he gave out to kids who were “visiting”. whenever there was extra at dinner he’d get a call, and if he wanted it you’d run him over a plate…usually before you finished, because you’d get a Ring Ding from arthur upon delivery.

    I regret never asking him about his WW2 service, but that’s not something you think about as a kid. I only found out about it after he died. he probably wouldn’t have told me anything anyways.

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