Wow. I’m seriously impressed.


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  1. Cavguy says:

    Let me guess Africans? Iraqies? Moroccans? Egypt, Syrians. I’m stumped here who did this?


  2. Joe Blow says:

    Yeah, have to admit, one can’t help but feel like we’re living in a futuristic movie some days.

  3. Bob M says:

    “Seriously impressed”. Me too.

    Shows what can be done with far less money and bureaucracy than what is apparently needed by NASA.

    • Nemo says:

      While I agree that this is some serious whizbang rocket science, a substantial amount of the R&D money for this enterprise comes from…the good old U.S. taxpayer to the tune of $500 BILLION. The $500B does not even consider the rocket technology given to Space X gratis from NASA for which, you guessed it, the good old U.S. taxpayer paid handsomely over the last 50 years.

      Of course, the taxpayer has NO OWNERSHIP in Space X.

      Since he sold PayPal, Elon Musk has done NOTHING without major financial assistance from the U.S. taxpayer including battery development for his electric car, the market for which is going nowhere and for which the U.S. taxpayer gets NOTHING in return. Yet more Barrack Obama giveaways.

      • HiLuisHo! says:

        And he saved $2,500 on his health insurance also!!!!

      • JebTexas says:

        Nemo, you are repeating “facts” put out by the main stream media. NASA stone walled EVERYTHING Elon tried to do, right from the beginning. They gave him no hardware, no data, no information, no personnel, nothing. NASA is a worthless bureaucracy only concerned with their own continuing quest to do nothing in exchange for large sums of money. They “gave” absolutely nothing to SpaceX, nor did the effing .gov. Oh, I guess you didn’t bother to find out that Elon has spent, out of his own pocket, on the close order of $100k PER TESLA! The entire company was a write off designed not to make money, but rather to further our knowledge and acceptance of electric vehicles. And he cannot STAND politicians, of either stripe. It seriously depresses me to hear folks who are on our side repeating these falsehoods.

        • Bacon says:

          You make a good point Jeb, but so does Nemo. Your point does not cancel out his point. Even though they might appear to be opposites, that is only an illusion and the truth is somewhere in between the two.

          Elon is as liberal as it gets, doing all of this for his own purposes. His purposes may not match our values.

          Try not to let it depress you when we disagree on the facts. We are all struggling along the best we can under difficult circumstances.

      • Elon Musk’s recent flamethrower sales were purely privately-funded.

  4. rustbucket says:

    File this under, “Stuff That’s Hard To Do”.

  5. Alexander says:

    That, my friends, is rocket science.

  6. Sedition says:

    Nothing short of a technical ballet executed to near perfection. I got chills seeing the twins land together after looking like they were coming in too hot to pull the landing off. UN-fucking-believable.

    • NewVegasBadger says:

      Sedition: Your first sentence was perfection as well. It can not be improved upon.

      The video was awe inspiring. I’m seriously impressed as well

  7. Rob says:

    Yesterday’s science fiction is today’s reality… I love it!

  8. Virgil says:

    I bet the NASA guys have some seriously puckered butt holes right now. Wonder how many go apply to work there now?

  9. Allen says:

    We finally get real rocketships!

  10. JFM says:

    This is the future we were promised.

  11. Unclezip says:

    It took too long, but we’re finally in the 21st century. Sticking that landing was amazing.

  12. Sanders says:

    At least we finally have a space car…

  13. bikermailman says:

    They lost the main core (not enough fuel and hit the barge at 300 mph), but these side boosters were the main thing they were going for. They had already been used in previous launches and weren’t going to reuse the main core anyway. There’s close video of this landing, and less than 1/10 second apart. Tres cool.

  14. WL Moses says:

    F’n Buck Rogers shit right there

  15. MacArch says:

    That was cool. What would have been cooler is if they showed the main engine “landing”. Only 1 of 3 engines ingnited, so it missed the floating platform by about 300 yards. Also was going about 300 mph when it hit. Some mention about shrapnel all over the landing platform.
    If you were watching the launch, there is a moment where the announcers get the “dear in the headlight” look…. they must have heard about the problem over their headset and it took them a few seconds to recover.

  16. Eric in Florida says:

    I was working roughly a mile away during launch and I must say I’m impressed. The video doesn’t do the experience justice. We felt the booms and rumbling,very cool and lucky to have been there.

  17. nwoldude says:

    Wonder what Wernher von Braun would think?

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