Yeah, don’t want those germs to spread northward

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  1. Sanders says:

    Nogales at the Canal St. crossing. I walked across there a lot before they shut it down. We’d walk across and go to a liquor store and get our maximum of 2 bottles/day of booze, then walk back across. Then we’d walk down to the main crossing and do it again.

  2. whynot says:

    Wonder if the Mexican govt asked for passport info…….(of the FF in the bucket)

  3. Stephen Taylor says:

    Not certain why you’d make the comment about germs. This incident occurred in Nogales, Arizona in 2012. The hotel in Nogales, Sonora was empty, and was formerly used as a stash house for illegal alien smugglers. The Nogales AZ ladder truck, purchased in 2010, was being used for the first time. It looks to me as though the Nogales AZ fire department was working together with their brethren in Mexican Nogales, which is absolutely as it should be. I believe fire departments in all the border towns, on both sides, carry fittings on their trucks to match the fire hydrants on both sides of the border.

    That’s a nice stout-looking fence, by the way.

    • Wirecutter says:

      That was a line out of one of Larry McMurtry’s book when one of the characters mentioned nuking Mexico.

    • Doc B says:

      Well that certainly justifies bringing a ladder and crew out of service on the US side to put out a fire in a known crime hole on the Mexican side. Because we both know the Mexican government will gladly pick up the cost to US taxpayers right? If a firefighter from AZ is injured putting out a Mexican fire the taxpayers of AZ should totally pay that cost. Because racism.

      Pretty sure the bombaros on the Mexican side are on the mutual aid card for Nogales AZ right? Oh, wait, nevermind.

  4. Andrew says:

    Too bad they just didn’t squirt a thousand gallons of high-test on the fire.

  5. Rich W. says:

    Used to go to Elvira’s just to the west of the main crossing. Great food, fine service. My ever day belt I have used for twenty five years I got just south of the first east west street. Was a great border town then, not so much now.

    • Sanders says:

      About a 3/4 mile south of there is a restaurant called “The Oasis”. It is just outside the tourist area and has (had?) fantastic food and drinks for cheap. I took 6 people out for dinner and drinks there for a grand total of $26 plus tip.

  6. MadMarlin says:

    If Nogales firefighters are anything like the ones around NW Houston/Tomball, then Nogales was just taking the opportunity for some live training. Can’t be too prepared.

  7. Jon Schmidt says:

    The company I work for built that truck I believe it was built in Wyoming MN.

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