Another “Aw Fuck” moment in time – x5

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  1. #4: US Army on manoeuvres in Germany. I remember those times quite well … when the world was still in order.

    • Brother Antony says:

      No. 4 is an old M113. Remember them well. Good piece of kit in its day but the armour couldn’t stop anything bigger than a 50 cal (Sovbloc 12.7).

  2. Tom says:

    Are you sure number 3 isn’t stealing the balcony?

  3. Sabre22 says:

    Back in the 70’s at Fort Carson our platoon tow section was training with their new tracks one of their driver did a similar thing only not as severe. He came to the Mortar position and explained to the Platoon Sgt and LT what had happened. As my track being the FDC track was the only one that could move we went to see what we could do. The LT (second I believe) was getting wound up about it. So I looked at it we put the tow cables on the tow hook and popped it right out. But it was not stuck as bad as that.

  4. Rob says:

    That tree on the car happened to me. It was a neighbors tree but it had not been “reported” as having a problem so it was “an act of God”.

  5. DanB says:

    Let me see… Your “Home Owners Insurance covers attacks fire-breathing dragons, damage due to tsunamis in the middle of the desert… But balcony falling on car…sorry that is not covered. Oh, and your car insurance won’t cover that either.

  6. Al says:

    That fire truck driver should have that taken from his pay! I mean WTF its right in front of your face!

  7. livermoron says:

    WTF is that guy doing carrying a tree on top of his car? Shoulda tied it to the bumper and dragged it.

  8. Sanders says:

    Wish I could find the picture I had from maneuvers at Hohenfels, in Germany. It looked like a puddle of water. The driver went into it and sank the M113 to just 6 inches from the water level. The track was floating. Most of the time, we never did water crossings because the seals were usually shot, or there was a bent hatch somewhere. Only problem was the sides of the hole were too steep to drive it out. They wound up getting it out with an M88.

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