Cop shoots coyote, Wile E. escapes anyway

On a break from class Wednesday night, Erik Olvera Perez happened across a startling sight at California State University, Los Angeles.

A campus police officer had cornered a coyote near the television, film and media parking garage on campus at 8 p.m., Perez told the CSULA University Times.


What the hell was he shooting at him with, a BB gun?
I’ve never walked up on a coyote that was still alive after I shot him. They’re a thin skinned animal with no heavy bone structure. If you hit them anywhere in the chest, they’ll die damned near immediately.

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6 Responses to Cop shoots coyote, Wile E. escapes anyway

  1. Nemo says:

    Cops are known piss poor shots. In my twenties, A friend and I were at a local sand pit getting in a little practice with our .22 pistols. An officer shows up to investigate the gunshot noise apparently called in by a local resident. After checking us out he decides to join the fun using his service revolver. We had some clay targets set up in the sand bank which we were shooting at from about 40 feet. He tries his hand never breaking one with six shots. He reloads cutting the distance in half and misses with all six again shooting SA. He reloads again moves in to ten feet, hits 1 of 6 again shooting SA. My friend and I are shaking our heads in wonder at this cop’s inaccuracy.

  2. UH1H CE says:

    I hit one just at sunset with my black powder gun this past deer season. Thing ran off, and after following blood for 15 minutes, it got too dark to see well. I didn’t feel like busting brush in the dark looking for it, and knowing that his buddies would have him for dinner, I left. I didn’t want the hide, I only wanted it dead.

  3. ed357 says:

    It’s a wonder no people were wounded during this coyote shooting.

  4. Hillbilly says:

    Said no coyote ever “Don’t tase me dude”

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