Donations pour in for high school rifle team after school board rejects NRA money

A high school rifle team in Pennsylvania will be getting new gear thanks to community businesses rallying around it after the school board voted against accepting a National Rifle Association grant.

The Stroudsburg High School rifle team has been using equipment that dated to the 1970s and was in need of an upgrade. The team learned about an NRA grant that would cover the nearly $5,000 cost of its new equipment. The team applied in December and recently learned it had won a grant. The last step the rifle team needed was the school board’s approval.

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9 Responses to Donations pour in for high school rifle team after school board rejects NRA money

  1. Padawan says:


  2. Nemo says:

    I’m confused. If the local donation is a “gift” and doesn’t need the school board’s approval, how is it that the NRA money is not in the same category?

    • pigpen51 says:

      That is my question also. But you know of course, that it was just an excuse to keep from having to acknowledge the NRA and it’s blood money, raised on the backs of the poor, dead bodies of children.

      • Westcoastdeplorable says:

        Because the check would have said “NRA” and that’s enough to drive a school super batty. When, oh when, are we going to shed this “politically correct” bullshit in this country?

  3. oldawg says:

    Hey, that’s a thousand extra for tar, feathers, and a school board election to cover the soon to be vacancies.

  4. All six of the liberal idiot pisswits that voted against this need to be voted out. I saw on their go fund me page that besides the 6000 the locals donated, they are over 11,000. Suck on that you liberal assholes.

  5. bogsidebunny says:

    School boards, especially in Liberal areas have stealthily grabbed too much power. They should stick to managing budgets for school related things like black boards, chalk, erasers, roll-down maps, wooden pointers, ink wells, pencil sharpeners and dodge balls instead of playing the ideology gestapo.

  6. rebar says:

    They may or may not realize they made a serious error. In any case it may be worth emailing them:
    Stroudsburg Area School Board:

    Judith Magann President
    James Burke Vice President
    Merlyn Clarke Member
    John Jakobsen Member
    Tameko Patterson Member
    Alexander Reincke Member
    Robert Yarnall Member
    Cem Zeytinoglu Member

    If you like the work they are doing send them some flowers. Their home addresses are all over the internet

  7. Linda Stevenson says:

    Shame on those who would stand in the way of funding for this student activity. Here’s a link to an article that gives some accounting of who voted “Yes” or “No”:

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