Easy shot from the porch

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11 Responses to Easy shot from the porch

  1. bob sykes says:

    A good neighbor shares. Let him have one.

  2. wes says:

    Years ago my mom thought she wanted to get into rabbits. Dad build some pens for her and she installed her four new “babies”. About a week later one of the pen doors was open and the rabbit was gone. We searched high and low and never found it.

    A couple days later another pen was open and it contents was missing. When the third one disappeared we found blood on the pen door. Dad rigged up a flood light covering the area and we all took turns providing over watch.

    The second night of watching my mom shot and killed a fox. She watched while it worked the latch with its paw to open the pen. Just as the pen door was opening she sent it to the happy hunting grounds with a well placed .223 shot.

    We didn’t have any more trouble after that and a short time later, when the fourth rabbit ended up in the pot, the rabbit adventure came to an end.

    She never tired of telling how that fox reached out with its paw and opened that latch just like a person would.


  3. JebTexas says:

    And a good fox pelt as a bonus.

  4. woodsterman says:

    Bob, don’t reward laziness.

  5. anonymous says:

    Yup, .22 bullet about an inch to right of the left ear would put it down humanely – DRT.

  6. Daryl says:

    Better take the shot because that fox won’t give up until he has a rabbit dinner, and another.

  7. Chish says:

    Time to send ‘ol Red to hell.

  8. paulb says:

    Yep. Know on time a guy hit a fox in the foot with a 22-250. Fox died of a heart attack right there.

  9. Bagley says:

    17 HMR…..

  10. Cavguy says:

    Yep 17 HMR!

    Love that hot little round

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