How not to bar fight

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10 Responses to How not to bar fight

  1. paulb says:

    None of them is punching over his weight. When I hit someone they go down with broken bones. Wimps.

  2. Eric A. says:

    Thats some cowardly shit right there.

  3. Tim in AK says:

    That was sooo very brave of that cocksucker in the hoodie to courageously sneak up on him from behind and sucker punch him…….

  4. Shell says:

    It took him thirteen shots to put the guy down, even with the punchee doing nothing to defend himself?

  5. Trib says:

    Notice how pussies always jump in when they can get away with sucker punching.

  6. urbaner says:

    Good reminder of why I don’t drink , and don’t go around many people that do.
    Damn, I have some awesome stories however of when I did ! LOL!
    I was never as drunk as the guy getting knocked out. ( That I can remember.hehe.)
    I was a helluva lot of fun.
    I believe it was on this very fantastic website I read, ” Every good story starts with a bad decisions.”
    And boy do I have a ton of good stories!

  7. Hogbody says:

    Maybe you shouldn’t run your mouth while holding a toddler. Those other dudes seem like they might punch a kid, no problem. As the song goes “gotta know when to walk away, know when to run”.

  8. Dave says:

    Yeah but what happened to the kid?

    • rayvet says:

      Therapy for the rest of her life for being forced to associated with the white trash seen in this video. Either that or DFACs comes and gets her. Either way, she’s fucked.

      • Frank says:

        Naww, when I was around four or so an older couple would baby-sit me when my folks were out of town for a weekend. And this couple liked to go have several beers at their favorite bar. This was back in the 1950’s and they would take me and set me on a bar stool between them. I can still remember other men rolling around on the floor just behind my stool, fighting in the sawdust on the floor. And you know what? It didn’t affect me in the least. Affect me, fect me, fectme…

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