Is this cop 17 years old or what?

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12 Responses to Is this cop 17 years old or what?

  1. noncom says:

    That’s pathetic….now they’re hiring punks for cops?….lots of punches thrown, to little effect….if that’s all you’ve got, don’t bother….better yet, try to be the adult in the room….

  2. Robin says:

    It seems to me that the cop started it. The kid can say whatever he wants, this is America. The cop committed a crime by initiating contact when the subject was not doing anything wrong.

  3. Ragnar says:

    Everybody in that video is a fucking moron. Especially the dipshit cop who should have known better than to be goaded by that punk kid.

    • Wirecutter says:

      If I was that cop, I’d have just arrested the kid for interfering in an investigation and put him in the car until I was done. I may release him after the questioning of the mother, depending on my mood and his mouth.

      • John h. says:

        My sentiments exactly. That would’ve been the proffesional way to handle the kid.i did it for almost 10 yrs before i got sick of the duplicitous atmosphere. I was literally outnumbered most of the time. As replacements got younger, you can imagine the outcome on morale. I think we lost about 5-8, outta roughly 35 total road deputies and 10-15 reserve deps in less than 18 mths. It was mostly about leadership and i was just a volunteer. I couldnt have done it for pay for a minute.
        John h.

  4. Al says:

    Looks like his steroids were trying to kick in but left his brains in the glove box.

  5. Frank says:

    Good example of someone who doesn’t have the maturity and self-control required to be a policeman.

  6. Murkan Mike says:

    And to think that I am forced to pay to have cops like this employed. What is the end result of this bullshit, was the cop fired? Should have been, if for no other reason than for being unproffesional. Yup, we (well, .. you do, …… I live in Germany) definately live in a police state.

    By the way, it’s only slightly better here. The difference is that if you start talking shit to a police officer like that, they pull out their night stick and crack your skull, then they drag you downtown to figure out whether to charge you or not. Unless you’re one of the Ali Baba refugees, in which case they apologize for bothering you, and bring over their blond sister for you to fuck, as some sort of way to not appear racist.

    Fucking Cops, they’ll always be the same.

  7. tmckelve1 says:

    You are correct the police officer should have conducted himself in a professional matter and arrested him for interfering with a police investigation, I had a similar situation with a young punk while living in the inner city. I would have liked to have cleaned his clock but knew if I did I would end up in county. So this was my solution find the most bad ass mother f##ker his age in the neighborhood and convince he needs a lesson in respect With just a little convincing that will work out fine and you’ll even get a yes sir out of the punk the next time you run into him.

  8. Allen says:

    That’s how kids sound when they’re playing call of duty. Sad.

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