Some decent news out of Florida for a change

VIERA — Dozens of Rockledge High students walked out of school briefly Friday, but this protest was for what they said were “gun rights.”
More than 70 students gathered on the Rockledge High practice field to rally in support of the Second Amendment.
The students spoke about exercising their right to bear arms.

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7 Responses to Some decent news out of Florida for a change

  1. Gator says:

    I used to live near there, its pretty deep red. How long it will stay like that is another story. Like so many other places in FL, Cocoa Beach and Melbourne get a shitload of snowbirds and retirees from up north, and many of them put that as their primary residence so they can vote there. Immigration from foreign countries isn’t the only thing ruining that state, liberals from up north do as much or more damage.

    • bogsidebunny says:

      Samey same here in Western North Carolina, Gator. The Libs from NY, NJ, Conn and Mass. are swarming a once very beautiful red area. I’m glad I’m 75.

  2. Andrew says:

    Brevard County is still pretty red in a good way. The Sheriff has plead with the citizens of the county to arm up.

    And there are a shitload of military retirees and most of the actual Cape workers are pretty conservative.

    A lot of FDR Democrats, also. Which, in this crazy mixed up world makes them conservative bent, too.

    But, yeah, this formerly great state is circling the crappery.

  3. Towser says:

    Wow! I didn’t know they had schools that large! I’ll bet the media won’t report the tens of thousands of students joining that protest!

  4. dabucnut says:

    My kid goes to RHS and participated in this rally. It was a small turnout mostly due to the unbelievable peer and teacher pressure to not participate.
    He fully expects there to be “consequences” for exercising his 1st amendment rights to voice his opinion about his 2nd amendment rights.
    Sad huh?
    I fully supported him and will continue to do so by both being there for him and continuing to build his collection up with him. He started with a .22 Cricket when he turned 5 y/o and has continued his enthusiasm thankfully.

    Molon Labe

  5. truthzzzz says:

    I read some kids could not get permission for an abortion protest.
    As a great protester myself, I see a way to protest in place.

    They can do it without leaving class, and with minimal disruption.

    They can calculate the number of students a school their size is missing because the children had their lives ended before their birth. In various classrooms they choose by their choice, they can have that proportion of seats empty across the school during the day.
    The seats owuld be left empty in respect for the children that could have been in school there with them all and learning.
    The students giving their seats up to memorialize the students that never had a chance to be there could either stand at the back of the class or against the wals where they would be unobtrusive. They could also sit. They should remain quiet and respectful for the children not given the chance to be there. Class participation is optional and depends on them having good questions pertinent to the class discussion or comments, if any.

    just a thought. I thought of this idea when I read about some California students that were denied the privilege to walk out as an anti-gun protest had been granted. My computer would not let me comment on that site.
    A walk in, walk out in, walk out in class, stand up for the missing, give the missing your seat respectfully, etc., would be a good idea, I believe.
    Spread the word. Someone might think it a doable idea and do it. It might spread the discussion and the consideration and maybe perspective of what is happening.

  6. Djamer says:

    It’s too bad the defenders of the Constitution, like these brave young people, do not receive the same types of “funding” that the haters are getting these days. Red’s just don’t get up off of their coffers until it’s too late. . .

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