Some people’s kinks…

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  1. California Southpaw says:

    I think you need to go back to work, Ken.

    • it turned red >>> luis says:

      Yeah, like you’ve been posting some weird shit lately and all this raising fucking chickens and poo.
      We Want Titties!
      Ever thought about having a guest/ co contributor to your blog?
      One week someone would add something about guns, another about cars, me I’d add Titties..etc.

    • MT says:

      Oh, noooo! Don’t even think about going back to work!
      Where else am I gonna get the (really important) news?

  2. Critter says:

    I know Ms Lisa says you look at white wimmens too much, but it’s a public service to your readers, really. Think of the less fortunate!

  3. bogsidebunny says:

    #5 is a yearly Irish tradition. On Saint Patrick’s Day this is the preferred way to cleanse the nasal passages of the stench of corn beef and cabbage cooking.

    • Glider Rider says:

      I just threw up in my mouth a little.

    • daddy-o says:

      As you should know, today is actualy better known as Evacuation Day.
      This is the day the Brits pulled up stakes and high-tailed it out of Boston.
      Search out a guy named Henry Knox.
      See if you could tough it out in his outfit.

      But the photo fits the proper title for this day.

  4. Mike_C says:

    If #4 isn’t staged that there photo is a massive HIPAA violation.

    Ah. Never mind. Apparently happened in Saudi Arabia, 2015. Woman’s probably been murdered, or thrown to the slaves guest workers already.

    At least #5 have the decency to keep it private. I don’t care what you do (so long as you don’t end up in my ER) but I don’t want to know about it.

  5. Timbotoo says:

    That last one… I’m calling OSHA.

  6. Kristy Gen-X says:

    > Thank you for your Service, Sir.
    >I’d buy your book – memoir… You’re capturing read.
    >Chickens, critters…, (C.G.D.), good stuff. .
    >Tits – NSM – but whatever – can’t visit with family, FYI
    >You do provide insightful current news. Thank you.
    >I don’t need guests with you here. Shit, can’t keep up as it is.
    >You have a follower named Critter, that’s familiar…
    > Thank you sharing your stories. Sir, all you’ve been through.
    >God bless you and yours in the name of the Lord, Jesus, The ChristPlease, cease with the Pentecostals. I’ll forgive you for the eggs. Hope Angel is well.

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