Sorry, Snowflakes

CHARLOTTESVILLE — The city of Charlottesville must remove the two tarps installed to symbolize the city’s collective mourning over white supremacist violence, a judge ruled Tuesday.

Hours before the decision, the tarp draped over one of the city’s two statues of Confederate generals again was removed. Now, both tarps must come down within 15 days of the signing of an official order.

“As I previously noted,” Circuit Court Judge Richard E. Moore read from an official court letter, “the statute that prohibits the moving or damaging of such memorials and monuments places on the locality the duty to protect, preserve and care for such.”

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1 Response to Sorry, Snowflakes

  1. Stretch says:

    The Charlottesville politicians will ignore the order. UVA students with riot and/or melt. Both statues will be vandalized. The Great Culling is getting closer and closer.

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