Turnabout’s fair play

Border patrol agents are refusing to hand over illegal immigrants with felony warrants to police in California because they can’t be sure local authorities will return the criminal aliens to federal custody, according to a top border security official in San Diego.

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3 Responses to Turnabout’s fair play

  1. Drew in Michigan says:

    Unintended consequences, ain’t life a bitch when your trying to solve a case but the perp is back in shit hole…

  2. Aesop says:

    Immigration authorities are chickenshitting this:

    Turn the illegals on warrants over.
    When local authorities don’t return the favor, swear out warrants in federal court, and start arresting everyone from the chief of the agency down to the lowest-ranking turnkey for aiding and abetting, and charge and prosecute them for those federal felonies.

    It will end their careers, and cancel their pensions, and after about…TWO, who get dragged off to the federal pen for five year pound-you-in-the-ass-prison sentences in general population, you won’t have any problem getting 100% co-operation forever in CA, or any other state, forever.

    The first two arrests should be the guy who opened the gate, and the head of the agency, and then work to the middle until you get everybody who touched them or had a hand in the decision process. “Just following orders” as a legal defense, ran out of legs in Nuremberg in 1946.

    That happy horseshit would cease in the span of lightning striking, and the two to twenty examples in federal prison would finally serve their communities in a most fitting way.

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