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8 Responses to #WeAreLuis

  1. Ace Frehley says:

    Reminds me of the Titties and Beer Tee Shirt I got at a Frank Zappa show back in the day

  2. Booger says:

    I wonder how much they want for that air compressor

  3. orlin sellers says:

    It’s like they say, “Once you’ve seen one titty, you wanna see them all.”

  4. bogsidebunny says:

    The hot blonde babe in the background might just have made a contribution to both of his “likes”.

  5. Trib says:

    It would be better if he Had a “I eat Pussy with My Beer”

  6. Craig Bailey says:

    My wife gave me the same shirt, my favorite.

  7. yeahtitties --- luis says:

    Yep! Hat and T shirt makes him an Honorary member for life in #WeAreLuis !!!!

  8. It’s not as if he could do anything with the titties and….
    Hell, his belly hangs over him like a mountain. He’s probably not seen his dick and balls for years.

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