When men get bored

An argument over the who owned a truck in Cartersville, Ga., morphed into a fiery flamethrower rampage that left two cars toasted and two porches roasted, Bartow County police say.

Police say Randy Weaver got into an argument with his wife over a truck, then rammed the vehicle through a fence and onto her porch the morning of March 9. She told police she thought he was trying to run her over, according to The Daily Tribune News.

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5 Responses to When men get bored

  1. Crotalus says:

    Wait.. THE Randy Weaver, of Ruby Ridge?

  2. crazyeighter says:

    Well, I guess he showed her…

  3. Sendarius says:

    Oh, thank god!

    I read that as PORSCHES, and was horrified!

    Of course, I was also thinking, “Two fewer, maybe mine will be worth more now.”

  4. Bill N. says:

    Leave to the news to get exaggerate and call something it isn’t. Looking at a photograph of the “flame thrower” all it looks like is a propane torch you can purchase at Tractor Supply Company. They are used for igniting brush piles and burning off weeds in ditches and in this case, burning up houses and vehicles of people who piss you off. :-)

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