Ya think?

Veteran journalist Bob Woodward criticized reporters on the right and left alike who were becoming too emotionally invested in their coverage of Donald Trump, calling them “unhinged.”

“You’ve described the Trump presidency as being a “test” for the news media. Do you think the media is failing the test?” asked Newsweek.

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1 Response to Ya think?

  1. Nemo says:

    …‘what are the facts?’ MSM —> “We don’t need no steenking facts”

    Woodward is just as guilty as all of the rest of his ilk. Never an ill word about Carter, Clinton or Obozo policies contrasted with daily bashing of Reagan, Bush I & II and now, since he’s sort of semi-retired, occasionally Trump’s policies. Practically the whole “news” industry is a joke which, fortunately, gave rise to opposing news and opinion sites on the internet. Not that some of that isn’t also pure bullshit, but at least there’s an opposing view to counter the MSM propaganda. Not that most of the sheeple are awake enough to discern the difference.

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