A Thank You! from Dennis at Dragon Leatherworks

I would like to take a moment and pause during the move, to give a heartfelt “Thank You” to all who took advantage of the discounted Gift Certificate offer. Your purchases helped to take it from “Oh my gawd what was I thinking” to “its gonna be close, but we can do this.”

And I am truly humbled by how many folk like my work, want to own my work, and who took the time to call in their certificate orders and chat for a bit. To say that I’m surprised that so many folk like what I do, is an understatement.

The certificates will be going into the mail in the next two or three days (either Thursday or Friday) and they will be active as of May 10th for ordering online. If anyone missed it, or wanted to get in on it but the timing was off, please remember that the offer is valid through May 9th, right before all the Gift Certificates go active, so if anyone still want to get in on the discount, there’s still time to plan for it.

Thank You, again, to all the future Dragon Leatherworks family of owners. I can’t wait to get the shop move finished and start building the rigs again.


Dennis aka: Dragon

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3 Responses to A Thank You! from Dennis at Dragon Leatherworks

  1. Robert Fowler says:

    It’s going to be close May 1 is coming. This is why disability sucks.

  2. Dragon says:

    I’m hoping that this gets seen by the intended person…

    To the gent who has been trying to call and reach me for the gift cards, to ask if I would take a check (he doesn’t use credit cards) Yes, you can send a check.

    As for not being able to reach me, my phone is set up to drop all calls with an ID of “Private Number” directly to voicemail, because I’m sick and tired of getting spam calls by phony IRS agents, by salesmen trying to get me to buy extended auto warranties, offers to date “hot Russian ladies that want to be your wife”, and other such bullshit.

    Its not that you are calling when I’m busy….your calls aren’t even ringing my phone. They go right to voice mail. If you un-hide your caller ID, the calls will come through just fine. :-)

    But I understand that folk like to keep their numbers hidden. Unfortunately the scammers and salesmen hide their numbers too, and I don’t want to deal with those folk, so you’re getting caught up in that.

    My apologies. Yeah, send a check. My mailing address is on the website, bottom of each page. :-)

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