And in Florida news this morning…..

WASHINGTON – Bill Nelson’s word carries weight in Florida.

The state’s longest-serving elected official, a man who has spent decades building connections with law enforcement agencies and lawmakers from both parties, is a go-to source for information during big events like Hurricane Irma and the Parkland school shooting.

But Florida’s only statewide elected Democrat spread wrong information after the Parkland shooting, and now he’s spreading wrong information about a shooting in Liberty City that claimed the lives of two young people and wounded two more.

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5 Responses to And in Florida news this morning…..

  1. Valkin.a says:

    We don’t call him “Comrade Nelson” for no reason. While he can’t hold a candle to Frederica Wilson, he is one of the biggest asshats in Florida politics.

    • Andrew says:

      Yup. He’s been a lying, backstabbing, cheating motherfucker since day one.

      I swear to God, he’s got a whole library of blackmail info somewhere. That has to be the only thing keeping this asshole in his seat.

  2. Nemo says:

    I’ve never understood why these “elected officials”, especially this camera whore Nelson, feel that they have monopoly on informing the public about what’s going on anywhere a catastrophe strikes. They add nothing to an investigation or relief effort and in fact suck up resources that could be better spent in resolving the what ever the current crisis is.

  3. Miguel says:

    Needs to be corrected to “He lied.”

  4. Roger says:

    Remember folks, you can always trust the words of a sleazy politician that is running for re-election,
    Especially bill nelson. He has never found an anti gun law that he doesn’t support nor a liberal idea that he isn’t all about.
    If there is a God or at least some supreme intellect, progressive bill will be resoundingly defeated come November

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