And ready for the Big D, I see

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14 Responses to And ready for the Big D, I see

  1. 9Booger says:

    Curious what she was in prison for

  2. Al says:

    Too much meat on er bones fer meth ( I think anyway ) I’m thinking thief. But I’m prejudiced I was married and to me all women are thieves to one degree or another.

  3. Trib says:

    Aw, can’t judge a book my its raggedy cover. most likely she is a divorced cougar waiting for the local high school to let out.

  4. brighteyes says:

    If she is from Calif. chances are real high those D’s are man made. I’m on the beaches a lot and it seems half the tourists are from Calif. and most all wearing fake tits. She sets right high for a women that’s obviously been rode hard and put away wet many times. You would not believe some of the scars you see. Looks like Dr. Frankenstein did the surgery.

  5. Jeff says:

    I bet if she had as many stuck to her, as she has had stuck in her, she would look like a porcupine.

  6. Bob says:

    That is Not a woman. Not at all.

  7. Dan says:

    That’s what’s known as a ‘two bagger’. You put a big paper bag over her head because she’s ugly as sin and you wear one over YOUR head in case the bag on hers breaks.

  8. Lofty says:

    I reckon it’s a bloke with tits…if you look closely (not too close now) at the crutch area it is leaking from its cock..

  9. Sanders says:

    She looks like my cousin’s new wife. I wouldn’t be surprised if that drugged up cow did time, as well.

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