Another reason I love Tennessee

A Tennessee college senior is sticking to her guns after posting a graduation photo in which she stares wistfully off-camera while lifting her “Women for Trump” T-shirt to expose a handgun in her waistband.

Despite receiving what she called a surprising “amount of hate” on social media, Brenna Spencer, 22, says she has no regrets.

“I know the Tennessee state gun codes. … I carry everywhere that I’m allowed to carry,” the University of Tennessee, Chattanooga student said in an interview.

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23 Responses to Another reason I love Tennessee

  1. Kris says:

    “Everywhere I’m allowed to carry.” That type of thinking is the problem.

    • Wirecutter says:

      According to the twitter feed I linked at the bottom of the post, that picture was taken in an area where guns aren’t permitted.

      • California southpaw says:

        “The photo was reportedly taken outside the Hunter Museum of American Art in Chattanooga, which bans firearms inside.”

          • Alemaster says:

            A 22 year old with, hopefully, a long felony free life ahead of her. Probably best for her to stick with that “everywhere I’m allowed” theme. I know that if I had any firearms, had a KYCCDWL, and carried, it would only be where “allowed.” regards, Alemaster

        • Andrew says:

          Banned in the museum. Not the parking lot or park. That is the secret. State law says you can’t ban in parking lots, I think.

          • crazyeighter says:

            Correct. You can ban them “in the building.” The parking lot is not “in the building.”

    • crazyeighter says:

      I agree, but here in Tennessee, being on the wrong side of that sign with a firearm is a criminal offense. (Although I can’t remember seeing/hearing of anyone who’s been punished solely on this charge.) In eight years, our RINO legislature hasn’t made the first move to correct this. The real pisser is that the really significant gun bills keep getting shot down in committee by alleged Republicans.

    • singlestack says:

      “Everywhere I’m allowed to carry.” is my public stance. Every time I walk through a door with a no guns sign I say a silent “Fuck you”.

  2. Timbotoo says:

    I read it as that she was outside a building where guns are not allowed inside.

  3. Andy says:

    How many young people pick up the torch? We have far to few of them that wish follow their own path instead of following someone else’s. Her Twitter mentions something about “to empower women”. I say it is about time and more power to her. Congratulations young lady you are an inspiration to your peers and they don’t even know it…yet.

  4. no holster. That’s a good way to gut shoot yourself.

  5. Brother Antony says:

    Ahh! but to be 25 years old and over that side of the pond again. Age does weary, but the gonads and the trigger finger never forget.

  6. Westcoastdeplorable says:

    Good for her. This Girl’s a champ!

  7. STW says:

    We had a neighbor that moved here to Montana from Tennessee in October. They left a couple of weeks ago, once we got some warmer days, back to Tennessee. They’re got another six months to pay on the house lease but they figured that was cheap compared to spending more time here. We have eight inches more snow forecast Thursday and Friday. It wasn’t even that cold this winter. I don’t think we got below -25. Apparently this girl is not related to them.

  8. donnie says:

    Kind of a looker too. I’d cook her a few meals and add a few pounds though. Not complaiining. Just a little old school that way.

  9. Rick says:

    I think people were probably triggered by the women for Trump shirt

  10. Jim says:

    If I wasn’t married I would find this girl and state my case.

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