Big Banks Target the Bill of Rights

The American people lent $45 billion to Bank of America during the bailout. That bailout came with a hefty $100 billion guarantee against losses on toxic assets.

That money came from American taxpayers. It came from gun owners and non-gun owners.

But Bank of America has warned that it will refuse to lend money to manufacturers of “assault-style guns”. It had previously announced it was edging away from the coal business to fight global warming.

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8 Responses to Big Banks Target the Bill of Rights

  1. Padawan says:

    Hey Warhorse, maybe it’s finally time for you to change banks.

  2. Bob M says:

    I’ve been a user of Bank of America for years. I’ve stayed with them primarily because changing banks – accounts, saving, checking, credit cards, debit cards – is a hassle. It can also affect your credit score.

    But it they want to be self-identified as an anti-American Constitution-hating organization of white male hating unicorn riding SJW’s and college educated feminist lesbian lickfesters, it may be time to find a good Texas bank that is still owned and operated by Americans.

    Actually, I suspect that perhaps the Bank of America has already turned into the above described entity, I’ve just been stalling over switching.

    I wonder if there really is a good Texas bank anywhere in existence not owned or controlled by money-grubbing foreigners.

    Oh well, at 79 years old, what bank I use may not be a problem much longer – mother nature will provide a lasting solution.

    • Rob says:

      Check out your local credit union.

    • Chet says:

      Depends on where you are. One good bank is Frost. Today, I’m not sure who owns them, but they are much better than any “Big Bank”. I like my small banks that have one or maybe two branches. I bank at one in the town I live near and another about 90 miles away that I have been with for almost 30 years and then there’s another on the Gulf Coast I am about to open an account in because I know the Chairman. I am in my 70’s and don’t plan on taking anymore fuckings from banks like BofA or Wells Fargo. And Citi sucks as well.

  3. Steve says:

    Hey, hey, now come’on…….that bailout stuff was waaay back then in history……ignore that and concentrate on the here and now, will ya!!!!


  4. Sanders says:

    I had nothing but problems when I was with B of A, plus I had to pay extra whenever I went to the counter to transact business with a teller. They kept putting extra fees on everything a bank is supposed to do.

    Since I switched over to a credit union, I haven’t had one single problem with anything.

  5. twmaster says:

    Local. Local. Local.

    Here in the DFW Metro-mess I’ve been using this bunch for 6+ years now.

    Screw Skank of America.

  6. C.R. says:

    So , a small time Christian baker had to bow to pressure and bake a cake for a gay couple, even though he didn’t agree with that viewpoint, but a big huge bank can pick and choose who they want to serve ?? Lawsuit anyone ?

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