But they leave the muslims alone…..

BERLIN (AP) — Germany’s federal prosecutor’s office says special forces have raided apartments across the country in connection with allegations that at least eight people were involved in creating a far-right terrorist organization.

The prosecutor’s office said the raids took place Sunday morning and were targeting members of the far-right Reichsbuerger movement that does not accept the rules of today’s Germany, but identifies with the state system of the German Kaiserreich area from 1871-1918.

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3 Responses to But they leave the muslims alone…..

  1. Sanders says:

    Germans won’t call them, “Racist!”, and make them feel guilty.

  2. Gryphon says:

    NOTHING is More Dangerous to to the Globalist/bolshevik NWO than a “Nationalist” or “Patriot” movement, that is why (((they))) are falling all over ANY group that Advocates for a Nation’s Sovereignty above ‘international’ (read, Banking) interests.

    Hopefully, some of those Germans Hid Stuff from the Last time, or they are down to Throwing Rocks…

  3. BadFrog says:

    Muslims might shoot back

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